A place to post card combinations you discover without having to build a whole deck around them.

Marcus Batty (to force fire RSVP after the runner commits to encountering Shinobi)


Inazuma is pretty good with Marcus Batty and multi-subroutine ICE too.

Put Inazuma in front of something nasty with multiple subroutines, then when they break it and continue, you rez and use Marcus Batty during approach (after the jack out chance) at the same time as you rez (or would rez) the following ICE. If you win the Psi game, choose Inazuma’s “You may not break subroutines on the next ice encountered” subroutine. Then they proceed to the encounter phase, Inazuma’s effect applies, and they suffer all subroutines from the nasty ICE. Enforcer, Ichi, Komainu (if they can’t recur a Parasite), grail ICE, it’s always funny!

All the moving parts are solid on their own, and it’s probably where you’d want to install your Inazuma anyway even without Marcus Batty present.


Doesn’t work with Shinobi though since they can just win the trace, and Shinobi is the best ice to resolve. Though I guess if the opponent knows about the combo they can just draw to 6 before running.

Gotta love the Tank/Panic Button/Reuse combo… why yes, I will trash these cards in my HQ for 60 credits.

As for what to do with those 60 creds after you’ve used all your influence on this combo… ?

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Never lose a psi game by installing susanoo and wall of thorns and whatever big ice. Then pay 2

False Lead + Data Raven is an interesting combo. If the runner takes the tag, you can guarantee that they have at most 1 click left, then try to take away that click so the tag sticks. TGTBT could work.

Howler, Port Anson Grid and Janus

@lttlefoot you can only take away 2 clicks exactly with false lead, so that won’t work often. Early game it’s nice if you’re rushing things behind bioroids in front of Heinlein grid, but that’s difficult to get to work

Whirlpool is probably better than port anson. An Offer You Can’t Refuse is another good option to prevent jacking out, since the runner won’t even have any clicks to spend on Janus.

That’s why I said they have at most 1 click left. If they run on click 1 you forfeit false lead and they have 1 click left. If they run on click 3 you don’t forfeit false lead and they still have 1 click left.

They’ll just give you the agenda point unless you have few credits left after I suppose. Whirlpool sucks though, too expensive to place in a big enough server for it to matter, Port Anson can at least trim programs, and now there is batty to ensure there are no programs left to sacrifice.

Also, can’t they just get rid of the tag last click?

That’s why you needed a way of taking away their last click. I suggested TGTBT (behind the Data Raven), since they can’t clear two tags in a single click.

Yeah, runners will eventually learn that it’s not ever safe to take An Offer against Haas-Bioroid, but for a little while people won’t see any danger in taking on a single unrezzed ice when you only have 1 credit to rez it…

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Toshiyuki Sakai + Hudson 1.0, because dohoho.

  1. You’re obviously not a Johnny. Some people like playing combos just for the fun / self expression side of it.

  2. Many successful decks of the past have been based on combos. Getting three particular cards together is not “the planets aligning”.

  3. The runner making an “unsafe” run is not a “play mistake”. Netrunner is a game of hidden information, if the runner is able to play in a 100% conservative way and still always win then the game is badly designed.

Not to mention that you can set up both horns of a dilemma, for example the butchershop deck can tag you with Breaking News if you don’t run it, or tag you with Midseason Replacements if you do.

By the way this thread is not just for corp combos.


Yeah yeah, you’ve obviously thought about this stuff a lot haha. I am going to explore test ground and Haas arcology AI now

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Bandwidth in a server with Crisium Grid.

Checkpoint in front of Port Anson Grid.


I think you missed the sarcasm. Also I needed 2 google searches to figure out what PBR was.

I’ll second the eyeroll at Old Man Chill’s “This is Stimhack, no fun allowed!” :smiley:

So everyone can see how terrible they are? Or to have proof?

Haha, I was responding to chill though

First turn, as GRNDL

Full Immersion Recstudio

Shipment from Mirrormorph installing Wall of Static, Hollywood renovation and Project Atlas all in the Recstudio server

Dedication ceremony on Hollywood Reno.

Second turn

Triple advance Hollywood, gaining 5 points and an atlas token