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Come Cube Draft Against Us: Daily Draft! (Now on deckbuilding, like the best decks or make your own)

I like the option of Bastion or Enigma here. Seems a little premature to be jumping the gun on toys when we can deny the other guys good ETR ice

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On the other hand I think picks 1 and 2 should be powerful game changing cards with powerful effects(from my little experience in drafting), while picks 2-5 can be your solid role fillers.

Speaking of traveling.
I think we are going to see sea source, rex campaign, snoop and isabel wheel, none of what I’m excited about, but could impact a future pick.

My vote is for enigma. Yog is going to be a lot rarer. Subliminal is better the longer the game goes. We are only playing to 6 points and we have private contracts already to help with econ. Power shutdown is not as good when playing against runners with a bunch of random mid cost breakers. Also Hollis, Kordan, and alexfrog, STOP LOOKING AT OUR CARDS jk

Hehe. I will be making my picks in my packs prior to looking at these.

I’d say Enigma or Subliminal Messaging, for reasons everyone else has already stated more eloquently.

Don’t take the subliminal messaging until it gets around to me. >.>

Cover your hand, then! :smiley:

I am going to do my darnest to not follow these threads. Curiosity might get the better of me though :confused:

Results of Day One

With an overwhelming majority at 56% of the vote Enigma, is the first card drafted!

Now that you guys have the hang of this, we are going to help speed things along by drafting both a corporation card and a runner card every day. This means you get to vote for corp and runner. Below are the next picks.

Corporation Pack 1 Pick 2 (9 cards)

Vote For The Second Corp Pick Here:

Current Corp Cards

  • 1x Enigma
  • 2x Private Contracts
  • 5x Priority Requisition

Runner Pack 1 Pick 1 (10 cards)

Vote For The First Runner Pick Here:

Current Runner Cards

  • 2x Armitage Codebusting
  • *1x Aurora *
  • 1x Pipeline
  • 1x Force of Nature
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Corp side, Eli 1.0 vs Adonis Campaign. I don’t think any of the other cards are worth considering too much as far as our second pick. I don’t think it’s likely anything too relevant will wheel either. After Eli and Adonis, GRNDL Refinery is strong, Draco is probably 4th pick, and then the rest. I probably lean too Eli 1.0 here as I absolutely love that card, even though we took a first pick ice.

Runner side, there are a lot of strong constructed cards. I haven’t played enough limited to know which one is for sure best here. There are enough for one to likely wheel. I’m happy taking R&D Interface as a closer. I don’t think Mimic is the correct choice, and I don’t think you will be able to run frequently on the cheap for Keyhole. Mr. Li and Diesel are great support cards and I would love for them to wheel. I’m happy with Diesel, Test Run, Mr. Li, Faerie, Mimic, or Inti wheeling for our 7th pick, so this was a nice pack.

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Not sold on Eli, personally. He’ll be clicked through (and it’ll be the most efficient way of handling him, with suboptimal breakers), and you can’t rely on having enough clickable ice for that to stop being an option.

Adonis, I dunno. Has to be protected for at least 1 turn after rezzing, and there’s a ton more different economic options in the cube, obviously.

I would actually be strongly tempted to take Clone Retirement. It’s scorable out of hand, and it opens some neat options that I may or may not use, depending on what other stuff I draft:

  • I could conceivably grab some nifty illicit ICE and stop the BP from screwing me over too much.
  • 1-pointer scorable out of hand could be a huge deal in an environment where we only play to 6 and i have a good chance to actually draft one of the really good 3/2 agendas. That way, I can utilize 3/2 agendas without having to draft at least 3-4 of them - suddenly, instead of having to score 3x 3/2 or 2x 3/2 and still a 5/3 (overscoring my sorry ass all the way to 7 points), I can just do 1x 3/2, 1x 5/3 and then a Clone Retirement out of hand.
  • Archer is still a thing, especially with less derez/ice destruction in the environment. If I grab one (which I could very well get handed down to me by a neighbor), I’ll be a happy camper.

So, yeah. Sure, picking the wheelchair dude is more of a “can be really really good eventually” pick than a “this is amazing all on its own!” pick, but I’d be strongly tempted to go for that particular gamble.

edit: runner-side, I’m oscillating between RnD interface (multi-access, yo!) and Mr. Li (card filtering, yo!), but in the end I decided to be boring and vote for Teh Interface.

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Corp - I think Draco or Eli. I’d probably go Draco, although I like that card too much, I know. I haven’t got any experience of drafting, but having a variety of cheap early game ICE seems like a fairly important starting point.
Of the economic assets, I think Adonis is the best.
Not sure I like Clone Retirement enough, though 2/1 agendas are nice and Peekay makes a good case for bad pub removal being handy.

On the other hand, Bad Pub is going to suck in a world of inefficiency, so Illicit ICE and hostile takeover-alikes are probably pretty unplayable.

Runner - Test run is pretty awesome, it’s like 1 extra copy of whichever card you need to progress in the deck. I like Mimic and Sahasrara is a neat econ boost, but I’d probably choose test run.

I’ve never drafted before, so I won’t pretend to be an expert. Nonetheless…

Corp: My first thought was Clone Retirement. Our last pick was ICE, so I think it might be soon to pick another ice, even though Eli is good. I also wonder if a Bioroid like Eli is worse in an environment where Corroder is unlikely. Is double clicking through Eli at key moments better in a draft format? As for Adonis, he’s definitely good, but I feel like we can wait a bit before we start going after econ.

Runner: There are plenty of good choices here, but I think it comes down to R&D Interface and Mr. Li. R&D Interface is always good. Mr. Li seems especially good in a drafting format when you’re going to have more “fluff” in your deck. Ultimately, I think Mr. Li seems better for a draft-constructed deck.

Somebody show me why I’m wrong…

Also, apart from this exercise (perhaps after its completed), would you be able to share with us specifically how you create your cube? I’d like to try and get my friends to do a draft, and it seems like you guys have done the best job of debugging the system. I’d love to tap your trial-and-error experience.

Corp side: Clone Retirement vs GRNDL Refinery vs Eli as options for me. Uhhhh… Eli

Runner side: Test Run vs R&D Interface vs Mr. Li vs Mimic as options. R&D vs Mr. Li as finalists. More efficient runs vs fluff filtering. Although I will probably regret it, I think I would prefer the ability to filter out the dross of a typical draft deck. Mr. Li.

I would go Eli for obvious reasons + I think with fewer Corroders out there, he’s even better. Let them click through it if they really want.

Mr. Li wins out. Consistency finding what you need is huge in draft and the cycling will really help in a format with few to no tutors.

Yes. Actually hopefully earlier than the end of this I will post up a revamped article on cube drafting.

edit: I’ve never drafted before either ;).

Corp: Eli or Adonis — Eli is great even in constructed formats; he’s cheap and taxing. I haven’t seen too many econ options, so I’m starting to want econ too, and Adonis is pretty darn good.

Runner: Mr. Li or Test Run. Card-filtering vs. Tutoring. Keyhole is too much MU without Crypsis around, RDI is tempting but I dunno if we’re going to be able to support it yet.

I agree with Hypomodern. I’d lean towards Adonis and Test Run, myself - being able to dig out your one barrier breaker, even if it’s in the last card of the deck, is huuuuge.

Corp choice is between Clone Retirement, Eli 1.0, and Adonis Campaign to me. With all the three pointers in draft and the tendency to install->advance->advance, it’s been my experience that traps like Project Junebug, Aggressive Secretary, and Cerebral Overwriter are made even better by draft, while assets like GRNDL Refinery and Ronin are much diminished. Economy cards are huge in draft, and Adonis is one of the best… but I think I’m going for Clone Retirement here, as I personally love 2/1 agendas in draft.

Runner… I have no idea. I could probably make a decent argument for most of the cards there. Diesel is huge with the smaller deck size to expedite getting your rig up, but I don’t think it’s my first pick. R&D Interface and Keyhole are nice to attack R&D with. Though, Keyhole’s going to be an MU drain and may force you to draft mem chips later, and it may make something like Magnum Opus not an option if it pops up in the draft. Decoy’s nice to have, and we’ve already seen at least one SEA Source in the corp draft, but again, probably not my first pick. Faerie’s a favorite of mine with constructed decks, but I’m not sure how it would do in draft. Mimic can reliably take out the sentries that are likely to be most prevalent and troublesome in draft (Neural Katana, Rototurret, Shadow, Caduceus), even without the support of Datasucker… but we do already have an (albeit sub-par) sentry breaker. I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Li, but I can see that working well in draft. Hmmm. I think I go R&D Interface or Mimic here, tough call for me though.

R&D over Mr. Li any day of the week. Both cards are extremely good. but R&D Interface has much more late game impact. A one of Mr. Li requires you to draw it within your first 7-8 clicks to be worthwhile to run only one of in the deck. Mr. Li does increase the quality of the draw, but it requires one to draw into it. Also with smaller decks, each card in the deck is already at a premium in terms of space and quality, so drawing mr. li would only increase your chances of winning in the late game marginally to a mediocre increase.

R&D interface is good because (1) if you don’t pick it up, someone else will so counterpicking would be an excellent reason even this earlier. I don’t even think it would be a counterpick because it is that good of a card that it threatens a win late and increases central server protection in the early game (2) the agenda card density in a smaller deck is potentially higher after the first draw.

Mimic I would consider as a second pick because this is a cube draft after all where the card pool (not necessarily the packs because they are randomized) is predetermined beforehand. There could be 3 strength or less sentries running around in this card pool or even datasuckers running around which would be sweet.