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Community Data Pack Review-Liberated Mind


In hindsight, I feel like we overrated Information Sifting and Consulting Visit. What do you think?


No idea about Sifting, but Visit, IMO definitely not.

" Personally, I can’t think of any operations I’d like to play for 2 credits and an extra click."

So the first candidate is of course Midseason Replacements. Because the condition to play it happens rarely (so you want to have it in hand right from the start), consequences usually last through the whole game (so Visit being double doesn’t hurt that much) and Midseason usually includes paying into a massive trace to land multiple tags so two credits on top are not a big issue. With Visit, you can either have 4 copies of Midseason in Weyland or 6 copies in NBN (as long as you have Weyland alliance, but 3 SE and 3 Traffic Accident make this easy). Also, when you have the runner permanently tagges, spending two clicks to find a SE is not bad as you still have one click left to kill them with the other kill piece you have in hand. Then, when you already have Visit in your deck, including other 1-of situationally strong events becomes way better (Psychographics, Punitive Counterstrike etc) becomes way better as you can find them reliably when they’re needed.

The other possibility seems to be MCH/Museum decks - if you use two Museums and want to add extra click and two credits, you can turn any event into alliance and replay it with MCH every turn, or just the turns when you need it. Voter Intimidation may be a good candidate for IG deck.


Out of the Ashes at 1 is complete insanity.


You defintiely have more right to opinions than me, but what do you intend to gain from this card? You spend one extra click to overdraw the Ashes into the discard pile in order to get that click later. So why not use the less convoluted Temple instead?


Even if you all of your draws are single click to draws, Ashes is 1 overdraw click for 1 run click whereas Temple requires an additional install click and 2 credits. But between Patron, proco, QT, Diesel, etc, Shaper’s draws are usually not single click to draws.


Because you don’t use it in a deck that clicks to draw a lot. You use it in a deck that has a draw engine like Patron or huge burst draw like Quality Time.