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Community Data Pack Review-Liberated Mind

I thought I’d cross post the link from Cardgamedb. Anyone who wants to help out reviewing Democracy and Dogma should contact me. Happy reading! Let us know everything we got wrong!

Kala Ghoda:

Business First:

Democracy and Dogma:

Salsette Island:

The Liberated Mind:

New Construction: MightyToenail-4/5
I am so, soooooo happy they continued Public agendas, as that is the only thing Weyland has going for them. And this one provides some click efficiency for most decks, and a way to cheat in Curtain Wall for Blue Sun: Powering the Future. While it’s not the best outside of Blue Sun, I still think it is a solid card, and a very good target for Dedication Ceremony.

New Construction installs IN a new remote server. No ICE, sorry.

Yeah, I found that out after the review was posted.

Democracy and Dogma is up!

its one of the best packs we have seen and will have a profound and lasting impact on the meta for a while to come.

Councilman/Polop, Bio-ethics/Sensies/MCH are all 5s imo
Spy Camera/CloneSuffrage/Surat 4s
The rest is all average 3s
whilst Voting Machine, Political Graffiti, Bailiff, Akshara seem unplayable to me 1s.

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Spy Camera? I haven’t really explored this card, but you’d consider it as a 4?

in geist its amazing once tech traders out as a cantrip that nets up to 3 money (and tech writer triggers) and has a non-trivial ability

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I’m gonna be that guy cause I won’t led the dead just rest in their grave but spy camera could help out Fisk. I ran woman in the red dress to know when to go for R&D and when to let then draw. Spy camera could help to do the same. The unprotected assets are nice and might bring back a gagarian deck or shell game PE. Why does yellow keep getting good cards?!

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I’d say it’s a 3-4 in Geist and a 0-1 for everyone else :slight_smile:

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Personally I don’t see the appeal of Spy Camera, even for Geist. The guy already has heaps of Tech Writer triggers and plenty of trashables with abilities better than Spy Camera. It may save you some influence from Makers Eye but what do you even need that influence for?

Councilman as a 5! Go neutral!

Funny thing is, I have yet to see anyone play it. What slots are people cutting to make room for this in decks right now?

Also why is Surat so good? I have only really seen it used effectively in that HB deck people are talking about. Is there another side to the card I am missing?


Akitaro play seems solid for Surat… Especially with the weyland alliance card.

Also, before everyone gets on baliff’s case, I just want to stop and compare the card to Ice Wall. I think it is head and shoulders better than that card in most decks, even if it is parasite food.

Surat - Anything that facilitates the corp to rez ICE at a time of their choosing is a very powerful effect (it breaks a fundamental rule of the game in that normally the runner is the catalyst for an ICE rez), the economic gain wombo-ing with Akitaro/EBC or with BTW is real, and turns off blackmail/ddos shenanigans. On that basis Surat is a powerful card, but it does need building around to make it work. It’s the sort of card that will become more powerful as other cards are released as well as the base effect is strong.

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Its too bad you cannot run it with Satellite Grid. Reducing the cost of all of your space ice on a server by 5 sounds pretty awesome.

yeah bit of a nonbo. there is an edge case where it works namely the last rez off the surat wombo can be on another server.

The strangest review yet, join us as we fail to agree on anything other than that Localized Product Line is bad!

LPL does seem to have possibilities in either a Scorch deck or a Grail deck. Being able to grab all your Scorches or Merlins could well be worth the 4 cost and 3 influence. I do feel it probably could have been an Alliance card though, since that is definitely a hefty influence cost otherwise.

I think there’s a nice little synergy between two cards in the pack: Exclusive Party and Making An Entrance.

In an Anarch “no janky tricks, just efficient stuff” type deck they let you get up and running quickly. Making An Entrance can trash early copies of Exclusive Party, spare breakers/consoles or any cards unnecessary in the particular matchup. Then with a few in the bin, you can arrange Exclusive Party to the top to get money and keep drawing. Plus they’re both pretty good starting hand cards.

Whether this “engine” is better than the other stuff Anarch has available (Street Peddler, Inject, Wyldside) I’m not sure, but I think it has something to offer. It certainly seems to offer some flexibility and mitigate early game draw order issues somewhat.

Localized Product Line jank: have a Lakshmi Smartfabrics in a server somewhere. Wait til you draw a Biotic and a LPL. Use Product Line to find 3x Research Grant and install 2 of them. On their turn, rez the Smartfabrics and show them the third copy of the Grant. On your turn, Biotic, install and score out the Grant, scoring the other 3. It’s only a 3 card combo that costs 12 credits and requires a card to be installed already! SO EASY.


Liberated mind is up!

The Noble Path doesn’t protect against Dedicated Response Team. DRT does its damage “after a successful run ends”, while NP “prevent[s] all damage during this run”.