Community Design Exercise - Ep.3 Console Wars (part 2)

Hello everyone, it’s time for the third installment of design challenges for you all to ponder over! For this one, I’d like to address the runners who do not have “canon” consoles to call their own. While most runner’s in the game have a console that is officially “theirs” in the story, there are a few that have been overlooked, and since consoles are some of the most important and fun cards in the game, I think it would be a good idea to try to give some of those lonely runners a new toy to call their own. However, there are enough console-less runners in the game that I decided to split this exercise up into parts for each faction. Second in line is Criminals.


  1. It must be a criminal console. (duh)
  2. It must be designed specifically with Ken Tenma, Leela, Los, Silhouette or Gabe in mind.
  3. All posts of “Desperado at +1 install cost” will be deleted.

And with that, here is my submission:

Card Games on Motorcycles (Tenma’s console)
Crim Console - 3 inf
3c install
. + 1 MU. The first time each turn you play a run event, if the run was successful, draw 1 card and place 1 power counter on this console. (3 power counters)(click)(click): Play a run event from your heap, then remove it from the game.

Submit and Discuss your ideas below!


3D printed bicycle
Crim console - 0c - inf 1


When a run is successful, uninstall 3D printed bicycle to draw a card and gain 1c.

:diamonds: Postbox
Criminal Hardware: Console - Link
5c ••••

+2MU +1link

First time each turn you make a successful run on HQ, put 2c on Postbox.

Use credits on Postbox to pay for Corp card effects.

Someone discovering this would upset a whole lot of people.

I made this to promote aggressive running, so the runner wouldn’t have to worry about having 8c to protect themselves at the end of every turn, and have the MU for support programs. Pays for most traces, Fairchilds, Endless EULAs and suchlike.

Crim Console - 3 inf
4c install
. + 1 MU.
Whenever you would expose a card, you may shuffle R&D instead of expose it.
The first time you make a successful run on HQ each turn,
instead of access cards in HQ, you may access a card from bottom of the R&D.

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Criminal - Hardware - Console
5cr - 5infl
+1MU +1Link
Whenever you make a successful run on HQ, force the Corp to lose 1cr to place 1 power counter on Schrödinger.

Remove all counters from Schrödinger to install a card from your grip with an install cost less than the number of counters removed.

“My client did not ‘take’ the credits in question, your Honor. He merely entangled them.”

Criminal - Hardware - Console
3cr - 2inf
Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, you may pay half the rez cost (rounded down) of a card to derez it.

“Its the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out.” -Leela Patel


4c *****
+1 MU

click click: search the stack or heap for a run event and play it, paying all costs. Remove that event from the game instead of trashing it. You may use this ability only once per turn.

Choo choo

Bluelight Filter
2c ***
+1 MU

The first time each turn a runner card effect would expose a card, you may cancel that effect and target a faceup card instead. If you do, you may pay credits equal to that card’s rez cost to derez it.


5c ****
+2 MU

Whenever you access a faceup card, you pay credits equal to its rez cost to derez it. That card cannot be trashed or rezzed until the end of the turn. Use this ability only once per turn.

2c *****
+1 MU

click: Make a run on HQ. The first time you approach an unrezzed piece this run, you may pay credits equal to number of ice protecting HQ to bypass it. Use this ability only once per turn.


2c *
+1 MU

Whenever the corp installs a piece of ice, they must derez another piece of ice protecting that server, if able. If they do, they gain credits equal the printed rez cost of the derezzed ice.

Reckless Criminal - $4
Hardware - Console
Gain $1 whenever you make a successful run.
Limit 1 console per player.

@Lttlefoot Should be Anarch, in spirit. -: )

Criminal Inf 2 Cost 3
Unique - Hardware - console - etc
+1 MU

The first time you play a Run Event each turn, gain 1C

Smooth Operator
Criminal Inf 5 - Cost 7
Unique - Hardware - console - etc
+2 MU +1 link
When you install Smooth Operator, choose an installed piece of ice. When you encounter that ice, you may pay 1C per subroutine on that ice to bypass it.

Criminal Inf 3 Cost 4
Unique - Hardware - console - etc
+1 MU
The first time each turn that an encounter with a rezzed piece of ICE that you bypassed ends, you may take 1 Run event from your trash to your grip.

Employee of the Month 53
Criminal Inf 4 Cost 3
Unique - Hardware - console - etc
+1 Link
Place 8C from the bank on Employee of the Month 53 when it is installed. When there are no credits left on Employee of the Month 53, trash it.

The first time each turn you make a successful run, take 1C from Employee of the Month 53

Clone scheduling - 3c, 4inf
The first time you play a run event each turn, you may trash another run event from your grip. If you do, add the trashed card’s text box to the run event you played (you can only replace accesses once).
“Come on, check the feed again. There’s no way he could have been in two places at once!”
“Oh really?” - Ken Tenma

I’ve had this idea for a while, but doubling up on run events just seems so cool. Imagine being able to legwork HQ with a mad dash live, play indexing with a dirty laundry to gain credits for the other run. I’m not sure how to word this, but the idea is you make one run and gain two effects, rather than making two runs for a click.

Compromising database - 5c, 3inf
Whenever a piece of ice is rezzed, you may place a power counter on it. If there are more than 3 power counters of pieces of ice, trash Compromising Database.
When you encounter a piece of ice with a power counter on it, you may remove the counter to gain credits equal to its strength.
“It’s a lovely piece of software. I’m sure my associates will love it.” - Los

I have no idea how Los is supposed to play, but this sets him up as a criminal that likes to play the long game, and combos with derez effects to make you a lot of money.

FBL Generator
3c ***
+1 MU

Whenever you make a successful run, the Corp gains 1 bad publicity until the end of the turn.

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The Gong
Crim - Hardware - Console
3cr - 3inf
Whenever a card is removed from the game, remove all tags and draw 1 card for each tag removed.

(For Steve Cambridge)

Haymaker is literally exactly what I was thinking for a Leela console. I would have said “rounded UP” instead of down but other than that it’s exactly what I was thinking. Now I have to come up with a different one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Muertos Marking (leela)
Crim - Hardware - Console
4c - 4 inf
+1 MU. Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, the corp must randomly reveal cards in HQ equal to the points the agenda was worth. You may choose one of the revealed cards and access it.

Brass Knuckles (also leela)
Crim - Hardware - Console
3c - 4inf
+1 MU. Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, choose a server. The corp must derez a card in or protecting that server with a rez cost equal to or less than the advancement requirement of the agenda.

Crim - Hardware - Console
2c - 4 inf
+1 MU
Cashbox can host a single agenda.
Whenever you steal an agenda, you may host that agenda on Cashbox instead of adding it to your score area.

click,click,click,click, trash: Add an agenda hosted on Cashbox to your score area.

“Made by Franz Jäger, Berlin” Iain Sterling

It’s like a fair version of Film Critic which enables Iains abilty a bit longer.

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