Community Design Exercise - Ep.5 Rich and White

It’s that time again, folks. For today’s challenge I thought we’d take a look at designing something much more core to the game, and that’s econ cards. Specifically neutral ones that all factions have access too. These provide the standard for how money flows in the game and are extremely important to shaping the meta the other cards live in. Right now the runners are living on the trio of Sure Gamble, Daily Casts and Dirty Laundry (rip Bloo Moose), while corps are on Hedge Fund, IPO, Pad Campaign and NGO Front. With that in mind, lets try to come up with some helpful all-purpose econ cards that would positively shape the floor of the game.


  1. Make a neutral econ card. It can be for runner or corp.
  2. It doesn’t have to be raw money, discounts (modded, etc) and other effects are allowed as well.
  3. While having a runner IPO would be fine, try to be at least a little more creative than just “Pay X, Gain Y”.

My submission:

Runner - Neutral Event
0c - 1 inf
Install a card from your grip, lowering the install cost by 2c, then make a run. If the run was successful, draw a card. If the run was unsuccessful, return the installed card to your grip.

Submit and Discuss your ideas below!


Low Places
Resource: Location - seedy
Unique - Neutral
Cost 2
1 Recurring Credit
Use credits on Low Places for anything

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Hiro’s Lockbox
Cost 0
Place 8 Credits on Hiro’s Lockbox
Trashcan: Take 8 Credits and suffer 4 net damage.

Marketing Campaign
Operation: Current - Advertisement
Faction: None
Cost: 2
Influence: 1

This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.

The cost to install any card is increased by 1.

Whenever the Runner plays a Hardware or Program card, gain 2 credits.

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Neutral Resource: Location - Seedy • Install: 4 • Influence: 0

When your turn begins, you may gain 2 credits if there are at least 2 cards in the Heap.

When the Corp’s turn begins, the Corp may remove 2 cards in the Heap from the game, if able.

“This ain’t just another Moose locale. We operate entirely above the table.”

Main idea is to preserve the Bloo Moose mechanic but making it more difficult to play since: a) Runner may not be able to keep enough cards for it to reliably fire early game, b) Corp gets to remove cards rather than Runner so it doesn’t fit well with any recursion strategies or bin breakers.


(Unique) Bad Card Name Here

Neutral, Runner
0 or 1 influence, unsure if its needed
0 to install

When you install (Bad Card Name Here), place 3 power counters on it.
When your turn begins, you make remove 1 power counter to trash a card from your grip. If you do, gain 2 credits.
Trash (Bad Card Name Here) if there are 0 power counters left on it.

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◆ Comptroller Monitor
Neutral Upgrade: Security Protocol • Rez: 0 • Trash: 4 • Influence: 0

Install Comptroller Monitor only in the root of HQ.

Whenever the Runner makes a successful run on a server protected by at least 1 rezzed ICE, gain 2 credits. If the Runner does not make a successful run during their turn, lose 1 credit.

Trash Comptroller Monitor whenever your credit pool exceeds 17 credits.

I like the Helper design a lot. It starts off as a weak version of CareerFair+Modded since it only reduces cost by two. But then you get a free run click and dependent on the outcome of the run you either draw a card making it better than CF+Modded or uninstall the card, making it like it never happened. Infl 1 is right.

Runner - Neutral Event
Make a run. When the run ends, if it was successful, draw two cards.

Feeling Lucky
Runner - Neutral Event
Make a run, and gain 9c, which you can use only during this run. After the run is completed, return to the bank any of the 9c not spent.

Inspiration might not be strictly money econ, but I thought it’d fit.
Feeling Lucky is interesting to me. It’s… probably worse than a Sure Gamble, in general, but there are cases where FL is better. Which, to me, means a well-made card. And it’s simple. Which is what neutral econ should be.

Runner - neutral resource
At the start of your turn suffer one unpreventable brain damage, gain ten credits

Run Or Die


Payday Loan
Faction: None
Cost: 0
Influence: 0

Play only if you made a successful run on HQ or R&D this turn.

Gain 7 credits. At the end of your turn, return to the bank any of the 7 credits not spent.

Desperado can
Anarch ressource 3c - 3inf - Unique
At the end of each run, win 1c if the corp have less cards in archive than you have in heap, or give the corp 1c if they have more cards in archives than you have in heap.
[trash] add Desperado can to the corp’s score area as an agenda worth 0 points.

Comboes with Archives Interface because why not.

Licensing Agreement

Asset: Cost 0

Trash Licensing Agreement, end the game.