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[Competition] The Winning Agenda Deckbuilding Competition

Got a new brew you’re really proud of? Been trying a new twist on an old strategy? Want some Australians to talk about your deck on their podcast? Now’s your chance!

Over the next fortnight, The Winning Agenda is running a competition to find out who among our listeners has the best and most interesting deck building skills.

For your chance to win, send us an email to thewinningagenda@gmail.com with your name, postal address, proposed decklist and a short passage on the overall concept and strategy of your

We will be on the lookout for decks with coherent strategies; twists on old archetypes and interesting new ideas!

Over the coming weeks, The Winning Agenda crew will select a few of the submitted lists to sleeve up and test. When the entries close, we’ll choose our favourite submission, and do a deck tech for it in an upcoming episode!

We’ll post some photos of us testing our favourite decks from among those submitted, piloting them at game nights and attempting to decide on a winner!

In addition to hearing us discuss your deck in our distinctive Australian drawl in a future episode, the lucky winner will receive an exclusive Winning Agenda playmat available nowhere else!

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Check us out at thewinningagenda.com
on twitter @WinningAgenda
and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Winning-Agenda/332707900244557