[Competitive Podcast] The Winning Agenda Episode 11 - Featuring Hollis Eacho

Hey Guys!

Welcome to episode 11 of The Winning Agenda.

Also for those of you who were interested in the Grail Ice Blue Sun deck from Episode 9, an updated version of the deck is available over on NetrunnerDB at Blue Sun Grail Ice - The Winning Agenda Episode 9 · NetrunnerDB and we’d love to know what you think!

On our agenda this week:

Guest Spot: Hollis Eacho

  • World’s Competitor and Bad Publicity guest Hollis Eacho joins The
    Panel this week for an interview about his experience at World’s 2014.

Who’s the beatdown?: Identifying the Aggressor

  • Identifying which player, or which side is the aggressor at any
    given point during a game of Netrunner is an important skill to have,
    and to exploit. The Panel give you their advice on this crucial aspect
    of the game.

Deck Tech: Replicating Perfection

  • Special Guest Hollis Eacho gives us the inside tech on the Jinteki
    list he took to worlds, including how to pilot the deck, how to play
    against it, and the possible changes that can be made to suit your own

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Fantastic episode this time, especially the middle section.


On the heels of last week’s comments re: the introductions, there you guys go, one-upping yourselves. I dig. Great episode.

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Very WWE-esque. Could take another step, though: ‘HAILING from the mean streets of Melbourne…’

does podbean link work for anyone else? not for me

We’re having some technical difficulties with Podbean at the moment, will let you know when it’s all sorted!

Should be sorted now! Let us know if you cant hear it @moistloaf!

working now, will be listening first thing tomorrow, thanks

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good episode, but I must say the mic’ing is very poor and the levels low compared to other podcasts. not sure what the set-up is, but if the cast continues to grow i would recommend investing in some better mics, and/or getting a veteran caster to help set up your audio. just some feedback, thanks