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[Competitive Podcast] The Winning Agenda Episode 14

What’s up Stimhackers, episode 14 is Live!

On Our Agenda:

Order and Chaos Card Highlight: Corp

  • The Panel is once again joined by UK National Champion and Worlds Top 8 Competitor Dave Hoyland for the final installment of their two-part Order and Chaos Card Highlight.
    – The Panel discusses what they beleive to be the most prevelant cards on the Corp side of this expansion, with a focus on the three new identities, new operations and cards that could open new archetypes.

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Man, you guys missed a trick with Cyberdex Virus Suite: it fires from Archives!


Yeah we could have emphasised this a little more - we discussed it at length before realising it did trigger from archives, then forgot to mention that on the episode!

It is worth noting though that Wilfy was probably correct to emphasise that the instant speed purging will be crucial against Clot!

Thanks for tuning in, and for letting us know your thoughts :slight_smile: :blush:

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