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[Completed] OFFICIAL Stimhack OCTGN League #1

Matt Zeilinger would charge about $200-300.

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It shall be done. The winner will get a special forum badge signifying them as the winner.

Additionally the prize pool will contain my Plugged in Tour Netrunner bag and an alt art NBN from the most excellent @Argamas.


Now to just convince the FFG folks to actually use that fancy print-on-demand facility of theirs… I suspect the people here would gladly split the bill :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re interested, I can donate a bunch of alt art Adonises and a couple Katis, as well.


Definitely interested.


Ah, SHEE-it. I jump on, all ready to rock…

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Also, FWIW, I’m giving a prize to whomever finishes in dead last (min. 8 games played).


Really glad you did this, @Nordrunner. I’ll echo the idea of a longer league (which we have already extended to 2 months) and also of some sort of playoffs at the end. I could help run that aspect at the end if you’d like.

@Shobalk, is there any way to reduce K-factor after, say, 30 games or so?

Hey look friends - I made an account here
ill brush up on my OCTGN before the 20th but I have had a good teacher so far


Nice! That was even better than I was expecting. Now it’s getting serious. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll chip in a set of Scorched Earth alt arts for either last place (the “scorched earth prize”) or to the player that flatlines the most of us :); whichever we’d prefer.


I was looking at the website; it looks like there is no way to change the k-value at all.

Don’t worry, I’ll most likely be at Worlds so shipping shouldn’t be too much of a hassle!

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Ah, there’s a lot of generosity already flowing around the forum and I can’t help myself… I’ll chip in a playset of alt-art Corporate Troubleshooters to the prize pool. :smile:


Shit’s getting epic.


I would strongly prefer it if there weren’t prizes that skew the objectives of play (like, valuing flatline wins over agenda wins).


I’ll send you my adress :wink:

Great to get the opportunity to play against great players and have fun with all you guys!

Given the number of players who feel they have a legitmate shot at spags’ prize, there may need to be a bottom cut at the end. Sorry, you folks in the middle; you were too average to continue into the post-season.

BTW–sorry to disappoint you, but all y’all’s chances to win this were gone the minute I signed up for the league. :wink:

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Any interest in automatically logging deck lists? I could work with db0 to set this up so they post to Meteor automatically.

Would be interesting to see some stats analysis afterwards in more fine-grained detail than the typical faction-only OCTGN data, and for matches that are more competitive than average.


Joined, ready to rock!

Seems like a legit concern :). I’ll just chip them in to the overall prize pool then: distribution TBD.

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