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[Completed] OFFICIAL Stimhack OCTGN League #1

Mine are still going to last.

I’d agree to not have specific achievements or prizes towards specific win conditions. Booby prizes are great, though!

Remember the reason we wanted this league? To be able to get a sense of who was in the group of Tier 1 players, not just theoretical decks. I definitely want this to be a “fun” league, but also competitive where people can experience high level competition, whatever their ranking…


I heartily agree with giving something to the last place… not only because that will probably be me :wink:

Yup. It will be fun. The results… whatever. Some people will only play their Andy/NBN dex, I’m sure, and they will prob. win. I’ll drop whatever suits my fancy.


Me too, though Andy / NBN is on that list of fun stuff for me :P. Expect to see random Anarchs and B-Team Criminals up ins, though, and some Big Ws and B-list Jintekehs.

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Expect surprise Shinobis, in every faction :smiley:


Count me among the people who want a longer league - maybe 2, 3, or 4 months? I certainly don’t expect to start getting impatient for it to end or anything, while if it were only 1 month I’d feel pressure to get “enough” games in.

Anyone allowed to participate?
I live in Brazil and we have a very small meta here, the only tournaments we have are sponsored by players (I’m one of them) and I do fairly well around here, of course, most of the players are casual and don’t spend much time reading about the game as I do. So, I’d like to see how well I would do against skilled players. So, the question is, are international players allowed?

Yes, anyone is allowed to join.


I resent (resemble?) that comment!

No but really, I intend to use the league to try out some new stuff, I mean, why not right?

We have a ton of people really being awesome and stepping forward to offer additional prize support. As we near the start of the league I will post up details on the badass level of support the community is bringing.


Still a few days left to get used to OCTGN - I’d better hurry.


i signed up just to play in the league! i’ve been playing netrunner for a few months and have been to a regional and an sc, so i feel i’ve got the hang of the game and just need to practice more. i havent played on OCTGN yet so i gave a few days to get familiar with the UI before it starts. really looking forward to playing more netrunner! (:


I finally actually joined the challengeboard ;).

Joined as well, looking forward to play all of you.

Got one question though, how will we find opponents? I participated in 2 BGG leagues, but just starting a league game often didn’t seem to draw much attention, so I eventually went for normal games.

Someone mentioned having a thread for scheduling games. @SneakySly, can we use this thread for scheduling games?

I will make a separate thread specifically for scheduling league games once the league begins.


Did we ever get an official ruling on a Round Robin cut at the end of this thing?

I’m in. Haven’t done any leagues or tourneys yet. Looking forward to it.

wow, 66 people are in, impressive!

I hope we manage to document everything well, so we can learn from it.

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