Concerning Custom Card Sunday

Just want to take the public opinion on weather the custom card thread should be reused every week or I post a new one with each topic.

  • Reuse thread
  • New thread

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I’ll delete this on Sunday.

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How would you reuse it? Edit the top post?

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I would just reply to the top


A new thread each week would save it from being really long. If you name each thread “custom card thread #2” for example, that won’t make it confusing if you do make a new one each week.

I think there’s a lot of value for reusing the thread; it can kind of build up a community around the topic. That’s been my experience of yore with the PPVP Kate and Hayley threads that grew into 100’s of replies. But, then again I’ve liked forums more than Reddit anyway, because the latter was always about the first/top page and discussions kind of stopped after a day in any given thread.

This forum has nice features that make it easy to keep up with new information in threads you’re engaged in as well as keep tabs on new topics.