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Core 2.0, myth or reality?

I heard a rumour about Core 2.0 being ready for announcement and consisting of cards from the old Core set and the first two cycles. Is this the famous secret Netrunner product supposed to be published before the Red Sand Cycle?

Is this really happening? Did people who attended worlds hear any rumour about it?

Why is it more probable to be a core 2.0 instead of a new deluxe expansion? Especially since we have seen a new diamond symbol and they are on new cards.

Plus that could be the 2016 world champion decks :wink:

I didn’t see that, could you please point me to the pictures?

The mysterious product could indeed be a new deluxe expansion or the 2016 world champion decks, I just raised my eyebrow as I heard no Core 2.0 talking for a while and now suddenly the rumour came back.

The timing of release also seems a bit suspect, doesn’t it? I suppose Core 2.0 might come out in concomitance with the first card pool rotation, which will happen only at the end of the Red Sand Cycle if I am not mistaken.

championship decks use different number (at least, last year) and there were 2 different product numbers.

While a core 2.0 that lines up with rotation definitely makes sense, I could also see an argument for releasing it a cycle early so that rotation is not totally cataclysmic.

Given the number of core cards that have been errata’d, MWL’ed, and generally identified as game-warping, I would want to get a new core out as early as possible if I was in Damon’s shoes.


Netrunner dorks spilled quite a lot of spoilers. Some have the flashpoint symbol, some have the red sands symbol and some have the diamond.

I don’t think Damon have the authority to publish a core 2. I distinctly remember him mentioning it in a podcast. (Winning agenda?)

The factions with diamonds (Weyland, HB, neutral Corp) and their numbers suggest, to me, that they are part of a cycle.

If the numbers are final, then Weyland has cards at 47, 50, and 51. Which would normally mean that 48 & 49 are also Weyland. So if it’s a cycle, its third data pack is one-quarter Weyland cards.

That’s certainly possible, but I think it’s more likely that either the numbers aren’t final or it isn’t a cycle.

I think that was more along the lines of “it’s not my decision, I’ll do it if the higher ups tell me to but either way I wouldn’t be able to tell you anyway”


Maybe it’s just dp 1, 2 and 4 on the site. #OccamRazorAndStuff

If it’s a coreset then it should have its own ref.

Something to note is that I swear I remember seeing one of the spoilers where the diamond wasn’t just a solid diamond shape, it was actually four smaller diamonds in a diamond pattern.

Okay so it goes Core 2.0 followed by another deluxe expansion this time featuring Weyland


I think Occam’s razor applies here, the simplest solution is the one we have already seen, deluxes in between cycles.

If they release a second core set (which they could do, see X-wing), it probably won’t be a best-of compilation of core + genesis + spin. What benefit would ffg gain by this? Surely they would gain more money if they included new cards so existing customers would want it. If they would be really sleezy, they would have mostly old cards but some new singleton power cards.

My guess is that a new deluxe would give every (main) faction something.

But the numbering doesn’t follow the current numbering on cycles, the core or the deluxes. But if you would spread out all factions in a deluxe, and have the runner part first, the numbering would fit Weyland.

Edit: Looking at the other spoiled cards from “diamond”, IPO seems to have number 57. Which makes a deluxe less plausible. So it could actually be a second core set.

If it were a deluxe, they would have announced it by now. If it’s a core 2.0, they will want to delay the announcement as long as possible to avoid cannibalizing sales of Core 1.0.


Does anybody here know any play testers? I assume that they get cards printed that they test with, but are not yet final. What sort of symbols and/or numbering are on those cards?

Such a bland generic symbol sounds more like a play test set than a production set (in which case I wouldn’t read much into the numbers either).

Either way, as Damon has said in the past, printing a new core set is a big undertaking that requires buy-in from many people higher up in the Asmodee/FFG chain. If Damon and team wanted to print a core 2.0, I suspect that they could start re-balancing and testing long before they got commitment from the business to actually print and sell core 2.0.

So my hypothesis is: Core 2.0 could be in development, and even be a fairly mature product, but still be a long way from guaranteed to make it to shelves ever (much less soon). In this hypothesis, rumors may be true but still never come to fruition, and we wouldn’t hear anything official before the product was sent to the printers.


There was a link to a set of pictures above, you can see for yourself:

I was asking about the cards that play testers use, not the spoiled cards.

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