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Core 2 Balance (in itself)?

What is your opinion about the runner vs. Corp balance in the new core set?

I have played a couple dozen games (none with Jinteki) and my gaming group finds it quite challenging to win as the corp. Our winrate is around 80%-20% for the runner thus far. The biggest problem is agenda flood.

That’s more or less what I would have expected, especially if you are all experienced players.


A 3x Revised Core online tournament that @FightingWalloon was running is wrapping up soon. If the data is available, the corp vs. runner win rates would be interesting to know.

My general feeling is that Weyland and Jinteki are OK (with a rush -> glacier/punitive) plan, but NBN and HB are pretty challenging to play. I’ve been playing in @FightingWalloon’s tournament and have tried a different faction each round, so while I haven’t put in as many reps on the strongest corps, I think I have a reasonable sense of the overall balance. Nobody strongly objected to this claim when I floated it in slack the other day, though.

On the runner side, CT with magnum opus and all the multi-access feels really strong, but if you get a good start Reina with ms. cigarette can do well and does a better job at punishing early rushes.

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I have not been keeping track by ID, but in 78 reported games there have been far more Corp splits than Runner splits. There have been more Sweeps than Splits, so the 80-20 Runner favor of the OP is not reflected in the tournament I am running.

I cannot speak very well to why the numbers are what they are.

My hunch is that you might be waiting too long to try to push out a score. Without tricks to cycle agendas, the Corp is under pressure to score them rather than let them pile up in hand. Of course, it is possible to just get flooded out by a bad draw, but I get the impression you are talking here more about agendas piling up over time in HQ.

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Early agenda flood, from initial hand and early draws, was a big factor in beginning Netrunner favoring the runner. That remained a statistically demonstrable problem until Jackson was printed.

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