Core 2 Learning Tournament

With some renewed interest in the game, I wanted to gauge interest in a casual online tournament designed as a learning league for newer players.

If you would be interested in such a league let me know.

It would be played on using 3 Core decks.


I’d definitely be interested. This is something I’ve been looking for.

I’d be down! Just started playing the game last Saturday and I’ve strictly played with the Revised Core cards so far so this is perfect for me!

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Let’s do it! I’m not exactly a newer player (but never done a tourney), so I’ll fill a spot if you need one.

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I would be interested in this!!

I’d love to.

I started last week and this sounds great!

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Been playing for a few years but I got in well after core 1. Would be fun to play in a really limited pool that’s not solved.

New player and I’m definitely interested! I’ve been playing semi-regularly for the last month or so at the FLGS. Trying to learn the nuances of the game with a card pool this size has been daunting, so I’d love to get some play experience in where I don’t have to spend half the game reading all of the cards.

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Okay … I’ve seen enough interest. I will set up a sign-up sheet and post a new thread soon. If enough people sign up, we can start playing next week.