Corp Draw Podcasts

We are Corp Draw!

Episode 1 is currently available! We also want to do regular articles (a couple of which are already live), a bi-weekly podcast, as well as forums.

In Episode 1, Jason, Brandon, and I introduce ourselves, talk about our experiences with the Plugged-In Tour, cover a Card Spotlight, and more!

Let us know what you think!

fingers crossed :smile:

Here’s a link to our podcast feed:

This is great to see so many new podcasts! I’m always looking for more Netrunner content!

Our second episode is now live! Thanks for listening.

Our third episode is up. In this episode we discuss the evolving Netrunner meta, Ice Carver and the Power of a Run. Hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget to send us your events and meet-ups so we can post them on our Event Locator.

Episode 3

Podcast Feed

You guys are great!

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Our 4th episode is online now! In this episode we discuss Hand Management, Viktor 2.0, The Corp Draw Grand Prix and a recent local tournament.

As always, please send us your upcoming events and listener questions!


no link?

It’s not letting me post the link for some reason. It is on though.

Hey sorry about that. It was throwing you into the spam filter because every post has a link to the same domain in it. I will edit that link in for you and remove you from the spam filtering.


Thank you!

Episode 5 is up! We give our opinions about all the new cards from True Colors.

Making this thread the place to post up any new Corp Draw podcasts (instead of making a new thread for each).


great podcast. i suspect you guys are putting an epic amount of prep and editing time in because the audio and content quality is high throughout all 5 episodes so far.

keep em coming.

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Great to see another Netrunner podcast. Keep up the good work!

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Hi All,

We just post our first Youtube video. Josh and Jason played a game in a recent Netrunner league.

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I’m sorry to do this here…

Jason Flanzer. That’s the guy who did support for Broken Egg Games. He stopped responding to my emails back on December 9th, 2013, and I’m still waiting for them to either a) ship me the Broken Egg Credit Set and Token Set or b) refund my $46.95.

Can anybody put me in touch with him?

Hi Loren,

I let BEG know you were you looking to get a hold of them.

I appreciate it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…