Council of the Crest Community Review and Meta Predictions (Corp)

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I’ve been finding Death and Taxes to be a lot better than what the reviewers say. In BABW, the cost is lowered to one, and in a Punitive build, you have a lot fewer agendas so it sticks around longer, getting you more passive money. Still fairly narrow, but powerful indeed in BABW and maybe even Azmari.

Azmari EdTech

3 Degree Mill
3 Global Food Initiative
38 Other cards


Degree Mill is better than I originally thought. Just being able to play a really short Agenda stack and make all their R&D/HQ accesses just crap seems excellent. If you draw Mill early then you can just put it behind basically anything and score it. Ain’t nobody paying the iron price early in the game. Scarcity and tag 'em up to keep them low on cards on the table. I really like this style of deck. Might move over to this and see how it pans out.

Even better is running 3x Echo Chamer (aka the Meme Chamber) for the 7th point.

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Git som. I’m all about that life.

Personal portal in Snare & friends Palana.

food actually doesn’t do much work here since the reduced point only matters if the runner steals all 3 copies of food (ie: it’s extremely rare that that will happen)

i’ve been testing out azmari and much prefer SSL in that slot to save influence and your unicorn
it’s actually hard coming up with what restricted card to use though lol. i’ve tried hunter-seeker (actually not as unreliable as one would think), mumba temple (it’s ok), and fairchild 3.0 (this seems to be the best option as it’s one of the best pieces of ice in the game)


Play Whampoa (assuming you are play Azmari Glacier style deck),once you rush 6 pts out you just tech startup to find Whampoa,bury 1-2 agendas to reduce the risk of R&D access and simply using Echo Chamber to finish the game.

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yeah this was suggested to me as well but i haven’t tested it yet. i keep forgetting it’s on the restricted list cos it just went up. it seems like a solid idea. would also save influence for Restore, which i think is a great way to try to close out the game if the runner has trashed all my echo chambers

Possibly Biotic as well. You could Biotic > Restore Echo, or Biotic > Install Echo. It’s not an agenda, either, so they can’t Clot it.

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Yeah I spent some time on J net last night figuring it out and once I actually played it I realized how that worked.

It felt so good, too. Maybe just SSL instead.

EDIT: Actually I think I’ve been working heavily from your list? Is it up on NRDB with a short section about maybe using SSL, and then a comment about Hunter Seeker in that version?

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no, i haven’t published mine haha. i’m totally on FC3 now and really liking it though. i even dropped the tollbooths

I’ll have to check that out. Care to post your list? I want to see how you’ve approached it. Mine feels just a little bit off on places that I can’t figure out.

Wait, Azmari is a 40 card ID? I just want to play a normal 21 agenda points rush deck with it

What I find interesting about these (and the runner side) reviews is that there was a lot more diversity of opinion than in previous pack reviews. I think that’s indicative of just how varied the meta is at the moment, and how nobody has really been able to “solve” it yet due to the huge number of potential matchups.


i mean you still can though