Criminally insane mill deck

This idea came from my hatred of the 7 points in one turn CI deck, plus the idea of Stirling as a mill deck. The reason it doesn’t run Logos is due to the fact that if the Corp is playing correctl it’s going to score all of the agendas in one turn. I might switch this to Andy to see if the extra inf and opening hand can get the combo out faster.

I am interested in feedback, but I do realize it’s something of a gimmick deck.

Paper Shredder (45 cards)

Iain Stirling: Retired Spook

Event (16)
2 Account Siphon 2 Feint 3 Hostage 3 Inside Job 3 Special Order 3 Sure Gamble
Resource (23)
2 Armitage Codebusting 2 Crash Space 3 Data Leak Reversal ••• 1 Donut Taganes •• 3 Fall Guy 1 John Masanori 1 Joshua B. ••• 2 Kati Jones 2 Mr. Li 2 New Angeles City Hall 3 Same Old Thing 1 The Source ••
Icebreaker (6)
2 Alias 2 Breach 2 Passport

Built with

Given your perfectly valid reason for not running Logos, why are you running Sterling who will be equally useless?

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I think Sterling is useful because if indeed one does get behind, the 2 credits/turn can fund New Angeles dumping the Josh B tag each turn. Crash Space takes care of the Masanori tag. But, true if you never get behind, it won’t be useful.

To Raithnor, have you considered Snitch to make the Masanori failed run safe in case there are no barriers to bounce off, e.g. RP that has punish ICE at outside of all centrals. Also, any room for Early Bird, which could be one more mill by paying for the failed Masanori run

(and just in case this is not well known, failed Masanori run is how I assume you get a tag each turn so you can mill. Then burn the tag with last click using Crash Space).

A couple of questions related to these topics:

  1. If I use Snitch to expose an unrezzed ICE, then choose to jack out, does the Corp have the option of rezzing the ICE (thus disabling the Snitch jack out function in future runs)?

  2. Well known way to stop the Accel Diag combo is to run noise then make sure you have a virus you can insta-install. Suppose you installed virus right after the corp Power Shutdown his entire deck, forcing the corp to mill with no cards. Does the corp insta-lose?

If you dropped Stirling you could add Underworld Contacts with some link to get the drip economy you want.

Another option would be to dump Joshua B and settle for only milling two cards per turn for free.

Mark II using Andy. (I’m probably going to rename the deck Andy’s 12)

I find it amusing that using all of the connections turn the deck into a Celebrity Heist movie.

Donut and the Source slow down the Corp
The Mill engine is Josuha B + Failed Run w/ Masanori > 3 DLR clicks > Remove Masanori Tag > Remove Josuha B tag with NACH
Quality Time and Mr. Li helps get through my deck faster

I swapped out the breaker suite for Crypsis, Alias (for Swordsman), and Breach (for Wraparound)

I’m not sure I have room for Snitch and with Crypsis I can usually break enough routines on the ICE to have it ETR or just jack out before I have to access cards in the server.

I realize Calling in Favors would work really well in this deck, but I need the burst economy upfront, Favors would only work after I put the team together.

Paper Shredder (45 cards)

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie

Event (13)
2 Feint 3 Hostage 3 Inside Job 2 Quality Time •• 3 Sure Gamble
Hardware (3)
3 Rabbit Hole •••
Resource (24)
2 Crash Space 3 Data Leak Reversal ••• 1 Donut Taganes •• 3 Fall Guy 1 John Masanori 1 Joshua B. ••• 2 Kati Jones 2 Mr. Li 2 New Angeles City Hall 3 Same Old Thing 1 The Source •• 3 Underworld Contact
Icebreaker (5)
1 Alias 1 Breach 3 Crypsis

Built with

The actual wording in the rulebook is “If R&D contains no cards and the Corporation attempts to draw a card, the Runner immediately wins the game.” Noise’s identity ability is not forcing the corp to draw.

Why does the deck need Feint?

I ran a similar (Andy-Josh B-DLR mill) deck prior to the release of Double Time. I never played against CI, but the deck was just too slow is the games I played. Heck, I even was out-raced by a HB slow roll glacier deck a couple of times.

Looking at the cards since then, both Donut and Fall Guy will be major buffs to the deck. You may want to consider adding Logos to help you pick up that one missing piece to the puzzle. You can make room by removing Feint and just committing to installing DLR as soon as you have it in hand. (This assuming Feint is there to get DLR its initial successful run.)

Anyway, please let me know how the deck works for you.

After testing it out, it is very slow. It’s very much a casual fun deck.

Most decks aren’t going to score 7 agenda points in one turn so have logos is worth while.