Crimson Dust Community Review and Meta Predictions

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Oof. Unfortunately, poorly timed with the rotation/core 2 announcement. A lot of those predictions won’t matter in about two and a half weeks. ;D

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Agreed. It will be fun seeing a new review in light of rotation and the unexpected changes.

Here is how I would amend my reviews/predictions:

  • Diana’s Hunt - Obviously with Parasite gone, it’s no longer an option to get it out and use Sifr to instantly kill an ice just rezzed. I will add that you can use Sacrificial Constructs (that is staying) to keep the programs cheated out with Diana’s Hunt.

  • CFC Mining Contract - ABT is going, not Project Vitruvius. That is all.

  • Sand Storm - We’re keeping Whirlpool, which is very helpful to the death server archetype. But, we’re losing Cell Portal. It can probably still be pulled off.

All others are fine even given rotation and core 2.0 changes.

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