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Crisium Grid Rules Question

I think Lukas worded his answer poorly previously. Pretty sure the choice is use sneakdoor or run archives.

I don’t see how

Q: Runner marks archives with security testing. And use sneakdoor beta with first click. what happens? Can runner run archives with second click and trigger security testing?
A: It depends. The Runner could choose to use the Security Testing, or choose to use the Sneakdoor Beta. If he uses the Sneakdoor, then Security Testing will not work.

is at all ambiguous. You definitely get to choose between Sneakdoor and Security Testing.

Replacement effects on the server for when successful must occur before access replacement effects because of the timing structure; which is why that ruling doesn’t make sense. You choose to use sneakdoor when you initiate the action; hence why I think he’s being too vague.