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Crown of Lasers - Worlds side event - Info & team topic

All Netrunners are warmly invited to Crown of Lasers – a team tournament with very special features – on the Friday of the 2019 NISEI World Championship (4 October). Teams consisting of 3 players will battle it out for the Crown of Lasers and unique prizes.

Every participant receives one lasered identity (ID) when they sign in at the event!

For more info: http://nisei.net/article/col19

Anyone looking for a team: Let people know that you’re looking for a team and find fun new people to run the nets with!


I’m looking for a team or a team ticket (if more are available!).
Ticket and team found!

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I am also looking for a team when/if new tickets open up!

I am all set to go to world’s and will be here this day, but i missed the initial batch of tickets. :frowning:


New tickets will become available tomorrow. For more info and timezone specific starting times of sale:



Hi. I already got my ticket to the main event but missed the Crown of Lasers ticket sale :frowning_face:.

I attended King of Servers last year at Magnum Opus and it was awesome, so I’ll be really really happy if any team with a free spot would like to invite me to join! :slight_smile:

Please PM me!


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@JuarezLM @plural mail me karyoniteATgmail if you wanna try and register :slight_smile:

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To be clear: Tickets are sold out, but feel free to message for reserve list.

Also, if taking over someone’s else ticket, please don’t be scalped and don’t pay much more than the original price + handling fees.

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Hi there!

I managed to get my hands on a ticket for CoL, but unfortunately it turns out that both people I was planning to team with up cannot make it. Therefore I’m now looking for 2 other people to form a team with. If interested, please hit me up on Slack (Lyon) :slight_smile:

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The Nisei article http://nisei.net/article/2019 Booster implied that we might have more time to announce our IDs to you @Jakuza.
so we have a decision on that?

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It was confirmed that we have time at least until 9-Sep or longer!

There will be a post on the Nisei site later today, but I’m moving the Crown of Lasers ID registration deadline to the 11th of September . All players will be able to decide their ID knowing the full contents of the Worlds Booster and the MWL in effect.

Official announcement

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I am interested in joining your team, if there are still spots :slight_smile:
If anyone has a spot, please msg me on Slack (zombie)

Heya all, if someone is still looking for a team, me and my good friend David (Cpt_nice) are actually one person short all of a sudden due to very unfortunate circumstances that occurred to my friend.

So yeah, open spot :smiley: PM me if interested! :slight_smile: