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Crown of Lasers - Worlds side event - Info & team topic

All Netrunners are warmly invited to Crown of Lasers – a team tournament with very special features – on the Friday of the 2019 NISEI World Championship (4 October). Teams consisting of 3 players will battle it out for the Crown of Lasers and unique prizes.

Every participant receives one lasered identity (ID) when they sign in at the event!

For more info: http://nisei.net/article/col19

Anyone looking for a team: Let people know that you’re looking for a team and find fun new people to run the nets with!


I’m looking for a team or a team ticket (if more are available!).

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I am also looking for a team when/if new tickets open up!

I am all set to go to world’s and will be here this day, but i missed the initial batch of tickets. :frowning:


New tickets will become available tomorrow. For more info and timezone specific starting times of sale:



Hi. I already got my ticket to the main event but missed the Crown of Lasers ticket sale :frowning_face:.

I attended King of Servers last year at Magnum Opus and it was awesome, so I’ll be really really happy if any team with a free spot would like to invite me to join! :slight_smile:

Please PM me!


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