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CTR&D for Stream

Hey guys. Here’s the deck I took to regionals and I’m considering ways to make it better. I’ve hit a road block so outside opinions would be helpful.

Cards: 40/40
Influence Points: 14/15
Identity: Chaos Theory
Event (23)
3x Diesel
2x Inside Job ******
3x Modded
3x Quality Time
2x Special Order ****
2x Sure Gamble
3x Test Run
3x The Maker’s Eye
2x Tinkering

Hardware (8)
2x Plascrete Carapace
3x R&D Interface
3x Replicator

Program (9)
1x Corroder **
2x Femme Fatale **
2x Gordian Blade
3x Magnum Opus
1x Snowball

So here’s the list, I’m considering switching to Kate but it feels like adding Kate would just force me to run a console to deal with the memory unit issues that ID creates for the deck. Thoughts?

I’d recommend Kate for this deck, due to RDI coupled with Replicator. If you do stay CT, I’d recommend 3x Personal Workshop coupled with 2x Stimhack.

I’ve found Kate to be better as of the most recent data pack though, so I’ll stick with assuming you want Kate. Femmesaurus is very valuable and saves you a LOT of money in the long run, so I doubt you’ll regret having to include 2 copies of a console.

Drop the Plascretes and instead run 3x Public Sympathy. It’ll prevent you from having to trash after using Diesel/QT, is more universally useful, and helps prevent flatlining against Meat/Net damage. Additionally you can run 2x of each if you’d like the extra protection. Cyberfeeders and Personal Touches work very well in replicator decks - you can simply search for them and discard to thin your deck, or you can use them, which will help with your economy. With Kate, utilizing 3x Underworld Contact is invaluable as well, and complements MO very nicely and provides passive economy so you can use your clicks for other things. Lastly, Tinkering Crypsis, and Infiltration provide an early-game boost before your rig is out, and help prevent any nasty surprises or wasted runs.

Throw all this advice out the window when C&C comes out, as it’ll add so many cards to the pool, I’d highly recommend you build the deck again from the ground up.

Thanks for posting.

Interesting. Not really a fan of Replicator here, but we shall test it out on Monday.

Should be a reasonable deck, but with no Crypsis I think I’d rather have a 3rd Tinkering than a 3rd Replicator. You’ll never need more than 1 Replicator in play, tbh.

Personally I would cut the Replicators, but if you wanna try it out go for it! I think Quality Time without Personal Workshop can be tough, because there’s a decent chance you could QT into a hand and make yourself broke trying to save the good cards in your hand, giving your opponent a window to score.

Finally I think you’d be better off with a Sneakdoor than a second Inside Job. Tinkering/Inside Job’s pretty sick, but TR/Sneakdoor puts a lot of pressure on a corp that’s sitting back on an Adonis or Melanging.

One thing I like about this deck is that you can Replicate a Plascrete and just start taking all the tags, since there are no resources. Also, don’t go blowing Test Runs on Opus all the time, please :slight_smile: you have to keep the pressure up, and a good corp deck can punish a TR, Opus, Opus, Opus -> Draw, Install, Opus, Opus series of turns for its lack of interaction. I usually take these windows to try and score an agenda as corp, because the runner is so scared about falling under 5 credits and locked into their plan. Between 3 Diesels and 2 QTs you should be able to draw one relatively quickly.