Cube 2: HyperCube by Joseki

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Triple philotic plx. Only way to go IMO.

This is a pretty interesting idea. I think the way to go will be to set up the cube on and use its draft functionality, rather than setting aside 2,000 cards for physical drafting. Then you can just make the deck you drafted and play the games.


Interesting that you exclude Titan Transnational, is this because of the potential to have it run Astroscript Pilot Program?

I’d guess it’s not just Astroscript, but also Beale, and Domestic Sleepers, and EffCom, and Market Research, and Nisei Mk II, and Vitruvius.


Yeah I actually just keep my entire cube sleeved, then just build decks out of that. This way if I ever want to cube, I just break down my 2-4 decks and then my collection is draft ready! Since I draft less often than I play standard Netrunner, this is a pretty good system.

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Any ideas on how to update this beast as packs come out?

How’s the experience since Oct 2016? Is there an updated list?