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Cube that emulates a limited environment

Exactly as the title says.

Coming from a background in MtG and adoring “color signaling” I want to build a Cube that emulates an MtG limited dynamic. Obviously the only way to implement this utilizing existing IDs.

I decided to post here so that I get ideas for the drafting structure as well as Cube design. Obviously I want to include enough cards that can help support “archetypes” in the cube.

So far for the structure I have decided

  1. IDs first. Three cards per player. We pass to the left.

  2. Corps; three packs of 13 cards per person. Left-Right-Left.

  3. Runners: same as above but this time Right-Left-Right.

Has anybody else wasted their time trying this out? I really wanna build a cube to bring to my LGS and it seems that this kind of structure is what my playergroup is interested in.

I’d be interested in brainstorming what this cube might look like