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Custom alt arts for sale

If you have a regional or other large-scale tournament upcoming and would like to have some fun extra prizes, please let me know by replying here or sending me a private message here or on Reddit (where I have the same username).

I also have an Edward Kim and an Argus Security, but those files are on my other computer. I will find them if someone wants to see them.

I can put the store’s logo, the tournament information, or just the standard card back on the back. For our regional, we’re doing Noise, with everyone getting a participation prize, and the back of the card saying Top 8 or Champion for the people who earn those prizes.

A 72-card prize kit is $20, shipped to the continental U.S. (let me know and I’ll calculate costs for other locations or different sizes of orders).

If anyone wants to see anything custom, let me know and we could work together to make it happen.

And I already asked SneakySly about posting this, so I’m not breaking any rules, I don’t think.


Or get cool alt arts from your favorite community members for free and printed on demand for 1/10th the price here: http://www.superiorpod.com/product/print-n-play-card-decks#.VuZFPPkrKUk


Or do that. The files here are uploaded for your use if you choose to print them some other way. I’m not stopping anyone from printing these images for themselves, and they’re full 300dpi with a good bleed if you want it. But Superior POD is awful and inconsistent from what I’ve heard, so go The Game Crafter if you’re going to do it that way.

But you can buy from me and support original Netrunner art, which will lead to more of these made. Whatever.


Really like them, good Art and a neat idea!

Please contact me? I’m interested

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I would be really careful with any suggestion that you’re making money off selling these (even if you call it “supporting your artwork”) – because that would in fact be illegal.

Making custom alt arts and distributing the files for free is one thing (and it is the thing that happens with the other link Chill84 provided, since there people pay for printing, not for the artwork), which will be very unlikely to provoke charges for violation of IP, but what you’re doing is taking names and logos that are part of a copyrighted IP and attempting to sell them.
Now, it may be very unlikely for you to be actually procecuted because of the small volume, but that doesn’t change the fact that in selling your alt arts you’re still trying to derive a profit from FFG’s intellectual property without permission.

guys, you’re replying to a 2-year-old thread O_o


Oh, yeah… Didn’t check the date! :flushed:
The way the Stimhack forum is organised makes it really easy to overlook when something is a necro… It showed up as “new” for me.