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Cyber War Draft Starters and Draft Packs Are Now Available

I am excited for more people to get into Netrunner drafting. I should eventually have an update with revisions on how to do cube drafting in the coming weeks.


What are everyone’s suggestions for what to do with the draft packs AFTER the draft is over? I’d love to hear ppl’s thoughts on how to create a new set of draft packs for a second, 3rd ext. round of drafting without having to buy more cards. Also, what are the “rarity” of the one of and two of cards from the core set so that people don’t have to buy additional core sets. (I really need a 3rd SanSan City Grid but that’s the only card i need a 3rd of.)

Institute LDG, Living Draft Games. You keep the deck that you draft. And the next time you come to draft, you draft the decks that you bring (excepting the starter cards of course). Take the exact deck that you drafted. Take the top ten cards off of it, choose one and pass. When there are no more cards, take the next ten cards off of it, and do the same.

Begin forming your cube. :wink: