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Cyberdex Virus Suite

This card raises a couple simple questions for me…

  1. Did virus-based strats really need a whack with the nerfbat?
  2. Does this card appropriately check virus strats or invalidate them entirely?

I think its good to have an anti-medium-dig card. I also think hivemind+virus breeding ground is near broken in some cases, so again, its probably good to have in the meta.

I think the main argument for the existence of the Suite is andy-sucker. That deck’s been dominating for so long that having a counter in the meta seems deserved. My2cents.

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I think it’s a very good thing it exists. Viruses (and by extension, Anarchs) had just completely insane lategame power (see: any runner deck splashing red cards in the last 3 years), and completely neutered some of the more outlanding corp builds. Providing a counter opens up the design space for giving Anarchs more power elsewhere.

It’s also a very interestingly done card, in my opinion:

  • the interaction with a deep Medium dig is interesting (whether installed, or revealed from RnD)
  • the insta-speed wipes are also interesting (and appropriately costed)
  • last but not least, it’s mega-annoying in Archives, enough to make me consider Archives Interface in a dedicated Parasite deck

So, yeah - my personal opinion is, the answers to both of your questions are a resounding “yes”.

I can certainly see those arguments. Maybe Datasucker has simply had its day in the sun, at least as a “facecheck with impunity with FSBs” mechanism.

It’s also (finally) a nerf to all the fixed-strength breakers. Their sheer efficiency combined with Datasuckers to let them punch-up, so to speak, made them pretty much the number one choice for a long time as far as a breaker suite goes.

With Cyberdex existing now, any unrezzed card in a server could end your ability to break higher strength ICE at instant speed mid-run, with potentially catastrophic results.

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This. Faceplanted an Archer over the weekend in just such a situation…

Wow. I hadn’t thought about that brutal possibility. How bad did that mess up your rig?

Merlin is the way forward. Especially if the other card in the server is The Twins. Or Corporate Troubleshooter.

Stupid rules question: Is it really triggering in archives?

Just says “when accessed,” so I would guess yes…

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