d1en's Stream Schedule and Misc. List

Hi everyone!

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a platform to post my schedule and miscellaneous tasks I need to do and what better than to have it on Stimhack! Kudos to the site owner and community, without you all, I would not have a platform where I can continually work towards making something valuable.

Stream link:

Link to VOD:

This schedule will be updated with days I stream Netrunner, and slots open for dual commentary/feature matches.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time**

Tentatively unable to provide a schedule due to working on a big project. Will update when changed. Feb. 19/15

Currently there are a few tasks I need to accomplish and possibly help with. If you would like to contribute towards the quality of the stream please let me know!!

-Creation of overlay

Post is under constant edit. Feel free to post feelings about the stream and how I can better affect your experience! Thank you for all your feedback!


You mind want to mention your time zone is EST, for the people who don’t know. Sorry I wasn’t there yesterday(I guess, I slept as a rock)

We already helped set up the Breaking News follower sound, what more could you ask for? :wink:


Not like it’s not easy enough to find, but for convenience’s sake you might want to throw a link to your stream in the OP there.