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Daedalus Complex - Community Reviews and Meta Predictions

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/daedalus-complex-community-reviews-and-meta-predictions/

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The problem I have with Jemison right now is that it takes a TON of work getting to 7 points, while leveraging its ability. Every score is typically one step forward, two steps back. You can play a typical game, have scored 5 agendas and still be at 4 Agenda Points or so. That’s nuts. People making the claim that using the ability reduces the agenda density for the Runner, should also consider the flipside. I.e. every agenda the Runner steals is one less instance that you can use your ID.

Also, the big overarching problem remains the Weyland cardpool in general, and its incompetent ICE in specific. You obviously want Hostile Takeovers to get things rolling, but every Bad Pub you accrue while scoring makes you so so vulnerable to the Runner’s gameplan, whether it’s Medium, Indexing + Mad Dash or just plain remote locking.

Oberth is the star of the pack, regarding Weyland cards. But again, how are you protecting it, so it can last for more than a turn and actually have an impact?

The thing Jemison is missing for me isn’t new ways to forfeit agendas and trigger the ID, which all the support cards so far seem to be variations on and Weyland already had in spades. What it needs is help from the other end - some kind of on-score ability (either on an agenda like Standoff, which I’m unsure about, or something Team Sponsorship-esque) that incentivises the extra agendas you have to shove out the airlock. The problem with Jemison is you have to make the extra passes at getting your sleight of hand forfeit tricks to work and you’re spending tools every time.

It’s also counting down the days until it loses Atlas.


The Jemison scoring plan unfortunately feeds Aaron quite a few counters. In and of themselves that’s ok but when it’s a hostile and you are giving out bad pub too it can get ugly. It’s not a horrible ID by any means but it can be slow and slow isn’t where you want to be right now as the corp. I’d like to see a weyland QPM so the runner would do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Alternatively, just run oberth in NBN, where you have access to QPM and can do funny things with oberth & SanSan, because we all want to be fast advancing all those amazing 4/2’s