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Data Leak Reversal Cheese

Play GRNDL Supermodernism, slot 2x Targeted Marketing and name Account Siphon.

Shit will be ill.


Blackmail hoses Supermodernism pretty well.


Oh yeah … Blackmail. Ugh.

IAA Hostiles all day erryday. Now that I think about it OAI is not an unreasonable card in Supermodernism what with the 3 Archer; maybe cut a Power Shutdown and something else for 2. But I’ll shut up about not-thread-deck now.

What are the good tech cards against DLR? Crisium grid seems like it would be good- if you can’t stop the siphons, you can probably afford to start trashing the DLR’s and support cards. EBC, to rez ice and find Jackson, is probably also good. People who have played the deck more- would these actually work? And any other standout problem cards for people to include?


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This does pretty well:

They’ve got to have an early blackmail or faust to really compete, and nisei can lock them out. But at the same time, siphon can ruin your day. There’s a lot of counterplay though since you’ve got interns, jackson, and a lot of deck draw and swordsman to deal with faust which most DLR decks can’t handle. And you’ve got to suffer 3 siphons to really get locked out.

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If you put QPM in a scoring deck its pretty insane


So I know you were baiting Timmy to have hold onto scorch, which was excellent play; but if the flood hadn’t have occurred, how do you think that deck would have really done given how hard it was to just get 1 more agenda off him?

Wonderful game, we were tense the whole way home listening to it.

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No fucking clue. I think he would have a hard time scoring the first Astro if he doesn’t install it turn 1, at which point he’s a huge dog. Once he scores one Astro, I think he’s slightly ahead assuming I don’t have 3 agendas. In most games, however, I think he’s going to have a hard time doing that. Once I am set up, I’m not afraid of running his naked remotes because he can’t kill me, and since he’s basically 0% to kill me after turn 3 or so, I have to be favored.

I couldn’t run both installs on turn 1 or else I risk losing to Snare/Psychic field into Midseasons or SEA and 1x Scorch, which is too risky for me. If he makes that play without a million agendas in hand I’m in trouble.

The wildcard is the 1x Psycho, which I didn’t know about, but could easily be the deciding factor in a more normal game, (and could have been in that one). It’s not super easy for him to get rich enough for it though.


Has Minh posted his DLR MaxX list yet? Didn’t he go unbeaten with it?

Well it was harder to see that last agenda because 8pts were already accounted for, so assuming the flood didn’t happen random pokes may have been more fruitful. My guess is if things went differently early on we would have seen Midseasons into Scorch into Paparazzi off Peddler at some point, and I can only imagine the reactions to those series of plays :smile:


Information overload would be a beating late game when you have a million siphon and Joshua B. tags. Reason to run 1 or 2 in midseason decks?

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Yeah even Faust cries when Overload has 17 subs… hehe

Thank god it was Timmy and not @Zeromus or I would have been fucked.


I don’t think I’ve seen the MaxX build posted. I played it on Round 5 and it’s a monster. I was lucky that he MaxX’d two account siphons into the bin or I would’ve lost way faster. I ended up getting to game point before he milled me out. It was a scary match. I really hope he puts it up somewhere.

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Funny to see how it feels for the opponents :slight_smile:

I’m currently doing some sightseeing in Philadelphia and NYC. I don’t have a charger for my laptop with me so I’ll publish it when i’m back to Belgium.


In Philly? Taking photos of Ben Blum’s house and Dan’s?

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Bombloms from Pittz.

@mtgred you probably don’t want to hang out I am @tmoiynmwg infected.

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DLR MaxX sounds awesome. Here’s my attempt, probably not great so be brutal.

Edit: played some tentative games with this on jinteki.net during my lunch hour, i know the skill floor there is pretty low but this is actually not bad. Probably not a touch on minh’s deck but im liking it. Not sure if its just straight better in val because faust lets you play netrunner with 0 credits, and blackmail helps threaten the remote. But still a lot of fun.


MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock (Order and Chaos)

Event (15)

Hardware (1)

Resource (20)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (7)

15 influence spent (max 15)
47 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Universe of Tomorrow

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Pitz, Philly all the same to us Europeans.

Like Danes and Dutch