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[Deck] Blue Sun Kil Moon

your comments on my Blue Sun kill deck are welcome. Influence used 13.

Agendas (8)

Hostile Takeover 1 pt (2)
Priority Requisition 3 pt (3)
The Cleaners 3 pt (3)

Assets (6)
Jackson Howard (3)***
Dedicated Response Team (3)

Operations (17)

Hedge Fund (3)
Restructure (3)
Oversight AI (3)
Scorched Earth (3)
Punitive Counterstrike (3)
SEA Source (2) ****


Barriers (6)
Curtain Wall (1)
Hadrian’s Wall (2)
Ice Wall (3)


Archer (3)
Data Raven (3)******
Taurus (1)
Hunter (2)

Code Gate
Enigma (3)

This deck is obviously focused on the kill rather than scoring out Agendas in a remote. the primary objective is to make R&D, HQ and the remote taxing…drop a DRT into the remote to make searching centrals for agendas annoying. Agenda density is pretty low to further frustrate the runner.

thoughts are appreciated…

Kneejerk reactions to the deck

  1. You have very little money, and all of your kill is banking on having more money than the opponent. What do you do if you can’t get an oversight or if they have enough money to break it? Andy is very good at being rich.
  2. I wouldn’t run 3 archers with your agenda suite, you need to keep at least 1 hostile to not have to score the third 5/3, and you might not find any hostiles, which makes them kinda blank.
  3. Everyone’s already prepped for flatline out of weyland, you probably should focus on being able to score as well.
  4. You’re super weak to decoy, switch a sea source to a midseason, you have the influence.
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what would you suggest to boost economy? beanstalk royalties? adonis / eve / pad ?

Just gonna say one thing: if you don’t have any mean to force a run, you will never flatline a runner.


take a look at the Blue Sun thread, and see how other people are playing/how many econ they play etc.

Props on the name. He put out one of the best alt country albums ever, imho

Can you please list the reasons why you chose the cards you did? You literally give a 3 sentence explanation that doesn’t tell us much.

When posting decklists it helps to give us background on how the deck plays (like real games, not just guessing how it will play), the reasons for including specific cards, and reasons for not including specific cards that are common.

As posted, there’s nothing much I can give you.


Well, here are some of my thoughts…

8 agendas to keep density low

of the agendas I have, the cleaners compliments the meat damage strategy, whether via scorch or via punitive counterstrike. priority req helps in the event I have a problem getting big ice rezzed with OAI. hostile takeover helps with credit issues (I may go up to 3 HT or drop 1 archer…)

getting a DRT into a defended remote makes the runner waste resources running the remote OR makes them less inclined to run a central. if they run the remote with DRT the theory is they expend a lot of credits which then opens a scoring window for a 5/3…

the data ravens and other tracers that put tags on the runner slows them down having to clear tags, taxing the runner with clicks and credits.

that’s about it as far as my “thinking” on the card selections. obviously this could be tweaked a good bit when O&C arrives in a day or two from Team Covenant…

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Have you playtested this deck at all? It’s very hard to give meaningful deckbuilding critique for, quite frankly, such an unpolished deck. I think you might find you’ll get much more satisfactory feedback if you try this deck for 10 or so games against each major runner archetype. Go play against PPVP kate, stealth kit, stealth andy, parasite gabe, andysucker, noise, quetzal and come back to us to report on the positive and negative experiences you had.

I have played about 5 games with it. 4 flatlines and 1 loss after I telegraphed an agenda into a remote. I wish I had the time to play against all archetypes but simply don’t. we’ve got store championships coming up on 2/7 so i can give a report then…just thought it would be nice to get some feedback on the front end before going into it. I don’t know if my local meta is up to speed on the Weyland decks, but I threw the Taurus in to trash plascretes…as I suspect that will be the only “anti scorch” cards I will see much of. although I expect to see some “I’ve Had Worse” show up too…

As has been pointed out in a couple places in the thread, this deck need more economy. If the runner forces you to rez a large piece of ice on a server, it’s most likely going to leave you too broke to rez ice on anything else. If the runner gets out their breaker suite, there’s very little in the way of keeping them out of your servers, even with some large ice rezed. They can always just run on everything else. Also, Emergency Shutdown becomes a thing of nightmares. In a deck with this little econ, you can not afford to have to hard rez the same Hadrian’s twice. Plus, you need money to kill the runner with. Both SEA Source and Punative Counterstrike rely on traces in order to fire. If you’re up against a rich runner who’s making you rez everything, chances are you can’t get the shot off.

I’m also not sold on Dedicated Response Team in a deck where you can’t just tag the runner to shit and back, like you can with Midseason. There’s no guarantee that it will ever fire at all. You might get lucky once with the runner running into a Data Raven in the early game and getting a free tag off the trace, but that’s just a potential 2 damage somewhere down the line, and since the runner knows you can tag them whenever, they’re going to be running with cards in their hand.

Another problem with dedicated Weyland kill decks is that if the runner gets a plascrete out then your entire gameplan kind of goes to shit. An early scored Cleaners can help a LOT with this, since 2 scorches can flatline a runner through a Plascrete and a full hand, but that only works if you’ve gotten both scorches and a tag method (most likely the SEA source) ready (and have already scored the Cleaners) in a deck without an Atlas to tutor for them.

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Adonis is very good in blue sun. My rule of thumb is 12 economy cards in any deck with big ice.

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Yes. 3 hedge, 3 restructure, 1 adonis, 2 bootcamp, 2 interns is the One True Blue Sun Economy Package.

Nice deck! This deck it does indeed need more economy. You should drop the Dedicated Response Team to make room.

On a side note the song this deck is named for is indeed bad arse…

While that’s certainly good advice, you basically just recommended he play 70 games. Even at 15 minutes apiece, that’s 18 hours of Netrunner. And that assumes you can get exactly the games you want. Some of us get <5 hours of play a week, but still want to play around with ideas or new decks…

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I really recommend 1x or 2x Adonis. I was a doubter but I have been converted.

playing 20+ games vs. common archetypes isn’t that hard though, but most decks that pop-up lately seem to have no playtesting at all. If you just want some global advise, NRDB is there for you


So this deck went 2-1 at store champ yesterday in humble, Texas. The lone loss was due to an R&D medium hit that snagged last agenda before I got my scorch combo. Other 2 wins were by flatline. I did drop all 3 DRT and replaced with Adonis, executive boot camp and Elizabeth mills. I also dropped 1 hunter for a searchlight; dropped 1 hadrian’s for an Orion, and added a firewall.

The deck never had too many $$ issues.