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Deck building post core 2

Not sure how long I’ve been away or how long it’s been since rotation. Last time I was here corps had to use jhow and avoid ice that could be parasited, while runners were worried about getting tagged and scorched, remotes containing caprice, and lots of 3/2 agendas. Is deck building significantly different now? Is chimera good again? Can runners just use money and breakers? What are we supposed to do without r&d interface?

I guess chimera would be good if it hadn’t just rotated out

R&D Interface has pretty much been replaced by Turning Wheel for now. Shapers still have Deep Data Mining and Maker’s eye on top

All in all, though, I wouldn’t say that deck building is much different than it used to be. True Fast Advance out of anything other than CI is rare, so there’s that, but Titan can come close to the speed, if they manage to draw things in the right order.

I do agree that reliable R&D lock tools are further between than they used to be. Without Medium and RDI, events are the new go-to. I’ve seen people using things like Find the Truth and SpyCams, but these fail to Miraju, which is getting played in more and more decks. As noted, Turning Wheel is super popular as well, and combines wonderfully with run events.