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[DECK] IndustRielle-Strength Encryption

Rielle ‘Kit’ Peddler - Transhuman

Event (15)
3 Diesel
3 Easy Mark•••
3 Levy AR Lab Access
3 Sure Gamble
3 Tinkering

Hardware (9)
3 CyberSolutions Mem Chip
3 Dyson Mem Chip
3 Lockpick

Program (15)
3 Cloak
1 Corroder••
2 Cyber-Cypher
1 Dagger
1 False Echo
1 Gordian Blade
1 Magnum Opus
1 Paintbrush
1 Refractor
3 Self-modifying Code

Resource (6)
3 Daily Casts
3 Personal Workshop

I won a good 3/4 of my games with this deck at a Netrunner League event I attended last night, but I’m fairly certain that a bit of it was down to luck (I managed to access 3 consecutive agendas (two 3 point agendas and a Domestic Sleepers) off the Corp’s R&D in one game), so I wanted to see if people had suggestions for ways to improve it. Any ideas?

I don’t normally play Kit, so take that in mind but, your economy seems a bit over the place.

You’re running MO, but only 1 copy so you’ll have to SMC for it, but no clone chips so you’ll only have 3 tutors in your deck. So 4/ 45 of getting it.
Easy Mark is normally cut from criminal decks, so I question running it.
A lot of decks these days either:

  • Run 3x MO and get one out early, then use it as sole economy. Add Sure Gamble / Modded to taste.
  • Run prepaid voice pad + a bunch of events, normally Kate or CT.
  • Run some “I run a bunch” cards that you aren’t.
    I’d drop the Easy Mark, add 3 MO, maybe drop 1-2 of the AR Lab Access, and probably throw in a Femme to start with.

Spend your influence. Multiaccess is probably the first thing you need to add.

You could try:
-3 Levy AR Lab Access
-3 Easy Mark
-3 Dyson Mem Chip
-2 Tinkering

+3 R and D Interface
+2 HQ Interface
+2 Stimhack
+1 Femme Fatale
+1 Box E
+2 Modded

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