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Deckbuilding Derezzed - Ep 41 - Kim - No Friends with @korporate



I play this archetype quite a bit, regionals and worlds, so I feel like I have pretty good insight into this. I watched the video, and I can’t agree more with the fact that it is truly a wanton deck. I’ve always pushed wanton as more important as a threat than siphon and keyhole. In my recent builds I’ve moved from remote threats to rushing HQ and RnD, trying to win before you have to dick with remotes. This drove wanton’s value down a bit, as the corp could just push agendas. This made me to have an unsuccessful worlds trip this year.

I think some of the cards included in Chase’s deck make more sense now than they did previously. DDoS changes the remote threat game. It used to be, for me, 1-2 singularity to really attack remotes that didn’t have caprice. I think this is still quite good in the BBG+ASH+campaign+CVS remotes that we’re seeing out of HB. 1x singularity is definitely on the table for me.

I don’t like Trope, due to MU, esp since (unlike my builds) there is no console. Corps have a suite of protection that makes it necessary to have a rig of tools to do the things siphon maxx wants to do. Personally in the 2 trope slot, I like 2 vigil or 2 turntable. Especially for RP and Haarp decks. Granted this style is quite immune to kill combos (all regionals I went tag me vs butcher and died maybe 1 time after the corp TA’ed and missed 2 I’ve had worses). With this MU you can have yog in the deck as a 1 of, which you will eventually retrun to smash turing on HQ/RnD, and blank all the cheap ice that will tax Eater (allowing you to increase your keyhole threat, making it a bigger part of the game, and subsequently shortening the game’s duration…which is a real boon vs NEH, and to some extent HB.

I tested apocalypse before worlds, but couldn’t get enough games in to see if it was better than my previous set up. I think now it is actually the right call. Not needing the remote thread of femme etc remotes the “surprise!” scores you can get when people think you have no remote threat (femme, etc), but, apocalypse is such a setback for decks already pressured to hell with siphon/wanton, keyhole, and retrun, that it seems like a nuts include. I put it in over utopia and a femme in the list posted, though hades could go, because the odds of the corp being able to 1.) have an ETR ice on Archives, 2.) afford to rez it, 3.) keep it there (apoc), and 4.) stop you from femme-ing through it is pretty low. The only upside to Hades is the surprise wins you’ll get 1:10 times or so, which will never be against a good player IMO, so its not improving the matchups you need to improve.

Back on Apoc…several matches vs astrobiotics, I found myself siphoning down to make the corp dump cash to assets, which I couldn’t trash, eventually having 5+ cards (but 0 money) rezzed. This would allow the game state to swing back into the corp’s favor. Playing this style of denial against asset-dumping corps favors running apocalypse too, because in 3 runs, I can eliminate all that cash you dumped, so it doesn’t matter that we’re both broke…no ice + both players broke = runner advantage.

I think most of this is style preference, except apoc, which should very seriously be considered, especially if you’re including josh b and amped up, as both ease your pains setting up Apoc, and benefit you after the Apoc (turn after apoc -> install Keyhole -> amped up -> punch ticket to pound town).

Solid video, solid build honestly.


THanks for the great feedback X3r0. You know how much I appreciate your input. I am really interested in testing out maxx and learning her style of play.


The test run video for this deck was hilarious :smiley:



In episode 9 I am joined UK National champ Alexander White to discuss the Notorious B.A.G. and why its not just a blast to play but a serious contender in the hands of a skilled pilot.















Best part of the vid by far was being called an asshole by Dane for just doing Whizzard things lol