'Decklist' Forum Suggestion

I’ve noticed that by far the most popular Decklist topics have not been in regards to decklists but rather to archetypes (Noise Hemorrhage, Kate Blitz, TWIY) or to tournament-winning decklists.

Would it be more desirable (and practical) to create subforums within the Decklist category separated by faction and discuss archetypes instead? An alternative (and perhaps cleaner) option could be to lock new threads from being made and instead create a topic for each faction (i.e. Shapers could be “Aggression”; “Control”, and “Denial”. An archetype suggestion topic could be put in place if someone thinks a new thread can be made.

Either way, I think the broader discussion of Archetypes would be more popular and unique than individual decklists, and would set us further apart from BGG, NDB, and CGDB.

Edit : or you could simply rename the subforum, “Archetypal Discussion”, or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


I definitely think this has merit, but I wouldn’t want to be as vague as “Shaper Denial”; I like the “Kate Blitz” / “Noise Hemo” / “The Deck” / “Gabe Knight” pattern that we sort of have.

We could break out a new thread whenever a subtype / alternate take seems worthy, e.g. “Whizzard Oxyclean” or whatever when it comes up :).

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Indeed. “The Deck” is not at all vague. :smile:

I am going to think about this and how to do it best. I actually like this idea.

EDIT: Alright, I have made a new category, Deck Archetypes:

Only mods and trust level three users (leaders) can post new topics to this category. Help me out by PMing me various archetypes you think deserve their own thread.

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“Alexfrog’s Andromeda: The Deck™” :wink:

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