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Decklist Proxy Generator

(cross posted in netrunner.reddit.com)

I wanted to do my part to contribute to the continued success of Netrunner. To allow new players to keep getting into the game, despite the inability the buy cards, I figured a proxy generator would be necessary. I wanted to find decks on NetrunnerDB, and print them out easily.

Find the output here, which is a link to the current deck of the week.

You can take any public NetrunnerDB deck, feed the app its address, and it should spit out all of the cards, that can be printed from a pdf (usually on around 6 pages).

I’d like to thank @alsciende for his continued work on providing ANR images. Note that I did have to remove the “s” in “https” as FFG stopped serving their images over SSL.


Looks good, would be nice if there was a possibility to select which packs you own, so that the tool can generate only the proxies you actually need.

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Agreed. Don’t know how to do that without awkward netrunnerdb support ;-(

Added an issue for this. I’m not sure if I’ll have time, but if someone else wants to give it a hack, here you go: https://github.com/gparmer/anrproxy/issues/1

Also added an issue to click on the cards to disable printing them. Useful if you previously have printed out other decks. https://github.com/gparmer/anrproxy/issues/2


Oh man! That’s nice. I’m pretty lo-tech and it’s always nice to see people with the brain hats do something cool for us. Thanks, too, to Alsciende! :slight_smile:

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Added one more issue: https://github.com/gparmer/anrproxy/issues/6 - pretty important one I feel.

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Oooo maybe I’ll just use this to make a deck full of my missing cards (the cards rotated in by NISEI and the Magnum Opus cards)

I replied to the issue. Great suggestion. I’ll try and find time in the next 2 weeks.

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