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Dedicated Response Team: Confirming access (4.2)

Dedicated Response Team: This card has got me in to a few disagreements on OCTGN. Consider this scenario,

  1. Runner runs ice less remote and targets card in server.
  2. Corp rezzes DRT at 4.3.
  3. Runner access snare.
  4. Runner dies.

Now my question is how do you confirm with the runner that they have decided to access, 4.2, to enable the rez at 4.3 with the knowledge that the server must be accessed. It would seem to me running on an iceless remote and targeting the card is a pretty clear declaration that they want to access. Not everyone agrees.

What if there is no targeting of card? Must the corp ask if the runner wants to access, sounds fine but its a clear give away.

Would be interested to here how have people dealt with these situations.

The way we “should” all be playing is waiting for the runner to F3 or target first, signaling that they do intend to access. Sure you get a loud annoying noise but this way you can confirm it for sure.

In reality since I always pre F3 as the corp to keep the game flowing, whenever a situation arises where the runner is about to hit snare (with DRTs lying in wait) I generally just wait for the runner to get impatient and press F3 to signal access, since if you ask them to confirm it will look suspicious. Just pretend you are lagging or you were briefly afk if they question it, who said mind games were obsolete on octgn? :wink:


Yeah ok that sounds like a good plan. Cheers.

another realted question how does the timing of the tag from john masanori work with drt. The wording on John could be clearer as to when he gives the runner a tag. It would seem to be after the run so would this take effect at the same time as drt allowing for damage?

There isn’t a tag interaction between John Masanori and Dedicated Response Team because John’s tag triggers by having an unsuccessful run and DRT’s meat damage by a successful run. Unless John already tagged you, in which case the timing is clear.

If John’s tag triggered on successful run, you would get the tag first, then access, then get 2 meat damage from DRT. Just like Desperado triggers before accessing assets, so you can use the credits to trash them.

EDIT: Clarified that I was talking about tags from John. If you run and are tagged with one card in your grip, the card draw from John could save you from flatlining against DRT


ha good point! Should of thought a bit longer on that one.

This is exactly how I handle this as well. Good form, sir!

“Not everyone” is a petulant child, in this case. When running an unprotected remote, the only possible reasons to jack out instead of accessing are to self-tag via Masanori, or to prevent Subliminal Messaging from returning. Also, it is abundantly clear if they were going to jack out immediately, because they would do so immediately.

If anyone gives you grief about rezzing your DRT “early” in this situation, they are being a complete jackass.


In my experience, most runners just assume you’re bluffing when you ask them. And if you’re playing against a player who does decline to access whenever you ask, just take advantage of that.

I think the issue here is that this is OCTGN, and asking if they would like to access each time is more of a pain than in a face to face game. Basically, waiting for them to f3 is the way you “ask” them if they would like to access.

Note, the same issue arises (much more frequently) when running archives to bait a Jackson trash. If you have nasties in the archives, officially you would wait until they have declared they will be accessing before you trash your Jackson. Unfortunately on OCTGN sometimes people run archives, you assume they are accessing and trash Jackson, and then they decline to access and miss your Shocks. So you basically have to wait until they state their intentions to access.