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Dedicated Response Team question

I was looking to get clarity on the proper timing for when the Dedicated Response Team (DRT) affect took place. Aside from the Runner having to be tagged, it says “Whenever a successful run ends, do 2 meat damage.” I’m assuming that based on the wording, that when the Runner successfully makes it into the server, and accesses whatever cards they are allowed, including the DRT, that they may spend 3 credits to trash DRT before it’s ability can take place, therefore making the card useless, other than having to spend an extra 3 credits to trash it of course. Or am I wrong, and it will do the 2 meat damage as long as they are tagged, even if they pay the 3 credits to trash it?

I’m fairly new to NetRunner, and was thinking of adding this card to a deck, but wanted to find out the proper timing on when the ability takes affect, and not mistakenly think the card is better than it really is. Any input would be appreciated.

You’re right that the runner gets a chance to trash DRT before it fires-- keep in mind, though, that DRT fires after a successful run on any server, not just the one it’s installed in.

Wow, didn’t realize it affected a successful run on any server. Good to know. Thanks for the info.