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Déjà Vu (Downfall Spoilers - Part 1)



Enjoy :slight_smile:


How does The Class Act interact with Mr. Li? Draw 3 bottom 1, or draw 3 bottom 2? I’m curious why it’s not templated like DBS.


I would guess look at the top 2, bottom one, draw 2, bottom 1 - based on the wording. @jakodrako is probably better placed than me to confirm though!


Between The Class Act and Geist, I guess “wearing to little cloths” is now an official part of the Criminal color pie.


Anarchs are much classier with Liberated Account’s one piece. Then again, Eddie Kim and Bhagat…
Clearly we can all agree that Shapers are the most tasteful faction.


I think the interaction with Mr Li would actually be:

  • look at the top 3 cards (x = Li draw effect so 2+1) (Class Act)
  • bottom 1 (Class Act)
  • draw 2 (Li)
  • bottom 1 (Li)

Basically if filters 1 card of 3 for Li, instead of 1 card of 2 for the first draw.


Yep, that’s exactly right.

I had to ask @jakodrako, but he confirmed, and I learned something about rules, so yay! :smile:


I asked on twitter https://twitter.com/Crunchumz/status/1098345349851291648


Funny interactions:

  • The Class Act overrides Window the first time you try to use it.
  • With Oracle May and The Class Act, you are not forced to draw the card that made you gain 2 credits.
  • The Class Act does not help saving a card from Frantic Coding.