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Déjà Vu (Downfall Spoilers - Part 1)


Enjoy :slight_smile:


How does The Class Act interact with Mr. Li? Draw 3 bottom 1, or draw 3 bottom 2? I’m curious why it’s not templated like DBS.

I would guess look at the top 2, bottom one, draw 2, bottom 1 - based on the wording. @jakodrako is probably better placed than me to confirm though!

Between The Class Act and Geist, I guess “wearing to little cloths” is now an official part of the Criminal color pie.

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Anarchs are much classier with Liberated Account’s one piece. Then again, Eddie Kim and Bhagat…
Clearly we can all agree that Shapers are the most tasteful faction.


I think the interaction with Mr Li would actually be:

  • look at the top 3 cards (x = Li draw effect so 2+1) (Class Act)
  • bottom 1 (Class Act)
  • draw 2 (Li)
  • bottom 1 (Li)

Basically if filters 1 card of 3 for Li, instead of 1 card of 2 for the first draw.

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Yep, that’s exactly right.

I had to ask @jakodrako, but he confirmed, and I learned something about rules, so yay! :smile:

I asked on twitter https://twitter.com/Crunchumz/status/1098345349851291648

Funny interactions:

  • The Class Act overrides Window the first time you try to use it.
  • With Oracle May and The Class Act, you are not forced to draw the card that made you gain 2 credits.
  • The Class Act does not help saving a card from Frantic Coding.
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