Describe Each Faction (Wrong Answers Only)

Anarch - Runner faction where the good cards go, whether it makes sense or not.
Criminal - Want some functional jank? Boy, do we have it.
Shaper - Just here so you can import a couple cards into your Anarch deck.
Haas-Bioroid - How did you get to do so many things in one turn?
Jinteki - We don’t even know what we are about.
NBN - Who needs IDs when you have fast advance this good.
Weyland - Ob, just Ob.


Anarch - You win through hurting yourself more than the Corp.
Criminal - You win through sheer talent, because everything else fails.
Shaper - You win, because there’s a card for any problem. Somewhere.
Haas-Bioroid - You win because they don’t have more clicks.
Jinteki - You win because they don’t have more cards in the stack.
NBN - You win because they don’t have a board state.
Weyland - You win because they don’t have more credits.


In the spirit of ‘Wrong Answers Only’

Anarch: Slacktivist NEETs that live on 4chan
Shapers: Avante-garde artists that need to get a job. They just look like anarchs, but less emo
Criminals: The Sigma Grindset meme, but for real
HB: It’s just Boston Dynamics, I don’t get it
NBN: Just a bunch of social media influencers that try to sell you their plushies
Jinteki: Biologists trying to improve our standard of living
Weyland: Honest brokers making sure we’re getting the most out of our investments and construction projects