Desperately seeking a Hardwired Draft Starter

I desperately need a Hardwired Draft Starter!
Ideally I’d like 2/4 more of them, but the first one is the important one!

  • I will of course pay for this, plus shipping (I’m in the UK).
  • I don’t care about them being sealed.
  • I don’t care about the instruction cards that came with it.
  • I mostly need the IDs if that’s all your have kicking around.

I also want to buy the complete Mumbad cycle, if you’ve got one and are interested in selling it. Will consider a quality proxy printing.

I couldn’t find a Buy/Sell/Trade thread, hence this thread.

I don’t have a physical copy on hand, but would you be okay with printing the IDs yourself? I can make images with bleed that I assume would make for decent-looking proxies.

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I mean, I got a printer right here. I’m just trying to get the real thing.
I found tonnes of draft packs out there, I’m figuring there must be one Starter floating around.

But it seems like the IDs aren’t on ProxyNexus, so I gotta work that one out, somehow, if I do end up printing them.