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Destiny - The quest for better pants

Does anyone on Stimhack play Destiny with any sort of competitive mindset?

Do those of you that do want to put together a clan and rock a few raids or Iron Banner matches together in the future?

Destiny is the main game in my house right now – my wife just hit the light cap, and I’m at 331. We have clan (my D&D group), but are always happy to team up with others, since it’s quite common for there to be 4-5 of us online at a given time. Several of us are looking to clear King’s Fall and graduate to Hard Mode, including me, and most of us also participate in Iron Banner. We’ve also played with prox and themadjai, who you may know from the Mead Hall Netrunner crew, but they seem to be playing Overwatch these days. Shoot me a friend request if you’re playing on PSN, I’m Ajar_Keen.

If a lot of Stimhackers play Destiny, maybe we should set up a group on the100.io. I joined it a week or so ago and have found it pretty handy for finding people when I don’t have a full fireteam.

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I’m on Xbox and I’m going to be jamming out year 2 moments of triumph once they’re announced

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Sorry. Failed to mention I am on Xbox One.

I’ve made a slack chat channel for this and started a google doc link for the xbox group. I’ll probably start playing more after the moments go live but I’ve done all the raids and am willing to teach/help newer players anytime.

Here’s the link to the google doc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nH0aOtwVX5ZBVubL7nzvQKsMulhEFtf20SROzI9gMWc/edit?usp=sharing

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