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Devil and the Dragon Data Pack Review

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If Cipher had been 6 cards trashed from HQ (i.e. net loss of 1), do you think it would have been too good? Still not good enough?

Already mentioned in the cycle thread, but Rogue Trading + Citadel jive pretty well. You technically don’t care about the tag, as long as it’s just the one and if you’re running Power Taps because you’re a Crim_Named_Sunny then it’s a way to force a trace without getting booted from a run on purpose. That’s a hell of a lot of cash.

I’m wondering what Malia will do to OCA. Can it still host if it’s blanked? Alternatively, your point on FC shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are so many things that get hosed by FC in the meta right now that a hard counter for it would be prudent.

  1. SSO with Orion Installed
  2. Install, adv, adv: Hollywood Renovation
  3. Rez Orion for free :smiley:

While I think that SSO is not as bad as claimed in the video, your plan wouldn’t work. After the 2 advancements from Hollywood Renovation orion can’t be the target for the ID ability. It works better with City Works Project and Wormhole. Free Wormhole and the runner has to take 4 damage to steal it.
Or more janky: Turn 1 Mushin No Shin + City Works Project; install Wormhole in front.

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Huh, I was all set to say that mushin installs facedown, but I don’t see anything that would back that up. Neat.

Though wormhole is maybe a weak choice for rush since you need a second rezzed ice for it to be useful.

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I meant Asteroid Belt. I always get the constellation ice names mixed up.

I’m pretty sure SSO will get more support (i.e. more public agendas) in this cycle and/or R&R. So, it’s too early to tell if it will suck or not.
Imho, to make the most of the ability you need to have an agenda out that the Runner either cannot touch or doesn’t want to touch at least for a couple of turns. I’m not sure how realistic that will be, but I think the new public Agenda clearly has that potential.

I feel like SSO will play off a typical rush strategy - Public agendas work behind early gear check ice.

SSO will bank some early counters to beef their ice, then use those counters later to fast advance for the win. I see Trick of Light and Red Planet Couriers playing a role, along with Mushin, Priority Construction, and Dedication Ceremony.

That’s a lot of red cards to find influence for, and it’s anyone’s guess what the optimum balance of each will be, but I’m excited to give it a spin.