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Difficulty reading stimhack.com

I really like the content of articles on Stimhack but the web page design makes it almost impossible for me to read them. The dark background and white font cause visual distortions that mess up my eyes. I can’t read a Stimhack.com article for more than 15-20 seconds at a time without having to look away. Not sure if other people have the same problem but I know its commonly considered good web design to use light colored backgrounds with dark colored fonts.

I’m not demanding a change, just speaking up for people who want to read this great website but can’t because of the graphic design choices.


White type on black background is very hard to read. You are not alone in that. Usually, designers recommend that kind of color scheme only be used for small blocks of text. It often looks cool, but it strains the eyes. Black ink on white paper has been the standard for a few hundred years for a reason.

Hmm, I don’t have a problem reading Stimhack. If you do, couldn’t you copy and paste the text into Word or Notepad or the like?

Hmm… Do we have any CSS gurus in the community who could provide easy-to-implement “day mode” and “night mode” buttons that could just alter the style? I wouldn’t suggest anything that adds a lot of admin work, but if there’s an easy copy/paste solution, maybe that would work for everybody.

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I use FireFox mostly, maybe there’s an add-on for converting it? I’ll look into that.

You should be able to just use firefox settings to override the site color palette.


Thank you so much!


I don’t know if this applies to websites, but high contrast mode might work too. I used this for 2 months during the peak of my central serous retinopathy.

left shift, left alt, and Print Screen at the same time.