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Director Haas' Pet Project

In an anarch-heavy meta dominated by whizzard destroying your ice and trashing your assets, I think this agenda should be given serious consideration. Scoring it early gives you tempo, scoring it later can help you stabilise.

It can give you a solid remote to stick your assets in, or a new scoring server if your old one has been dismantled.

Deck example: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32352/director-haas-next-project

(Just here to discuss the agenda, deck is very much a work in progress so ice, influence etc is all subject to change)

I think one of the reasons it’s not usually included in the standard Foodcoats lists is that it makes you have to do somewhat awkward things with your agenda suite to include. You either have to run 2 1-point agendas, which you usually don’t want to do because 3/1 agendas are usually a pretty large tempo hit to score, or you have to use influence on another GFI, as you did. Also, running a 1-point agenda in a deck with three 3-point agendas means that usually the single point from that agenda is going to be going to waste, since you’d have to score two 3-point agendas to make an even 7.

Another reason (and this might be the biggest) is that the deck really wants to score two 2-point agendas and one 3-point agenda, since this means there are fewer times in the game where you are exposing your agendas in a server. Ideally, you want the runner to be the one scoring 4 agendas, not you. As I mentioned above, the only way to do this is to also score 2 of the GFIs. Otherwise, you have to score three 2-point agendas on top of it. If you end up scoring two 2-pointers and a 3-pointer anyhow, the point from Haas is useless. At that point, it’s better to have simply used those clicks spent installing and advancing Haas to manually make the server you created with it.

I think these days if I was going to throw 1-pointers in Foodcoats, I would want Chronos again. It feels to me like the two decks to beat are probably the Whizz deck and Hyperdriver Kate, and Chronos can almost win the game if timed well against these. Still not sure if it’s the best idea to include it (for the above reasons), but I think right now it’s probably better than Haas.


Extremely well reasoned, thanks! I knew about the ‘score three but they have to score four’ thing, but it’s easy to forget when you start playing around with decks!

If it’s not a 3/1 but a 4/2 I can see alot of people play it.

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Another argument against it (and in fact a wide spread of agenda points) - turntable. Lots of anarchs playing it and I don’t want to score a GFI only to have them nab a one pointer and swap it!

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also with archived memories in faction (which is 0 to play, not 3 to get up to 3 cards effectively) and a deck list already stretched to find tech slots… its hard to wanna run a non 9 agenda suite

ITT Creation and Control was a big waste of time that only gave us heimdall 2.0 and shaper dominance

I’m sure you’re just being cheeky, but C&C definitely had more than just Heimdall 2.0 for corps. Cerebral Imaging, Efficiency Committee, and Cerebral Overwriter have historically been strong cards, Director Haas has been featured in some interesting decks, and then Bastion/Viktor 2.0/Gila Hands Arcology/Ichi 2.0 have all see a fair amount of play.

On top of that there’s also some pretty shit cards in C&C for runners. Keep in mind this is the deluxe expansion where amazing cards such as Exploratory Romp, Omni-Drive, Ice Analyzer, and Borrowed Satellite got locked into competitive rotation :pensive:

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Historically, sure. But it’s somewhat underwhelming to see how pretty much every playable corp card in C&C hast rotated out of competitive play due to power creep. The same absolutely isn’t true on the runner side.

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1 pointers can be a bit of a death sentence in decks with 3 pointers right now with all the turntable running around. The extra card slot, being able to score out in 3 agendas consistently and not getting turntabled are likely the 3 main motivators for not running it, but pet project definitely is strong

and viktor/ichi 2, bastion, datapike and gila hands, all of which have seen some competitive play.

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Pet Project is, in my mind, the best agenda that you just can’t fit into decks currently. It’s effect is so good, but 1-3 is a hard agenda spot to make room for.

I don’t think it’s the right call in a foodcoats style deck but in a more team sponsorship/FA style HB it’s the best agenda in the deck.

This is exactly what I’m currently trying to build

Definitely being cheeky. Zed was obviously the stand out. Seriously though, I agree that those cards are good for Corp, and the runner cards you mentioned are ill designed to say the least. However, I also agree with the sentiment that the Corp cards are more or less irrelevant with the newer data packs getting released. This isn’t a creation and control thread, so I’ll leave with this; Director Haas’ Pet Project has definitely done work for me, but the limit 1 per deck thing seems really ill conceived

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