Dirty Laundry Special - Kit - Get Chromed with Damon Stone

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Ooooh, much hype. Does he discuss Atman at all? Super interested because of the Buddhist and Hindu concepts of ‘atman’.

I nodded drunkenly in and out of sleep while watching this and had bizarre cyber hindu buddhist dreams. I just have to say I’m happy the game’s designer has such excellent taste in faction and ID. Well done guys!

This is also the first time I have heard Damon speak at length and I started to suspect he might be secretly Canadian. So I have analyzed his accent and speech patterns carefully using science and I can now proudly confirm that Canada is responsible for bringing Netrunner to the world! You’re welcome! :innocent:

Yeah, I noticed the Damon accent too… I though he was from north of US too, but now, I’m not a native english speaker so I could be very wrong :slight_smile:

I wonder from where he comes from.

I am 92.5% sure he is from earth. #youarewelcome