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DLR Spam

@JohnnyCreations mentioned DLR spam in the Flatline Jinteki thread. Since I’ve been working on this for a little while now I thought I’d start a new thread to try and refine the idea. Here is what I’ve come up with after some testing:

Milldromeda v1

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie (Humanity’s Shadow)

Event (23)

Hardware (5)

Resource (11)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (1)

15 influence spent (max 15)   
45 cards (min 45)  
Cards up to Honor and Profit

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

This is the version I took to Melbourne’s regionals on 2014-07-05. I’ve copied the notes from my NetrunnerDB post for convenience:

Basically you want to chain-Account-Siphon the corp into submission, get 3 of (Data Leak Reversal, Fall Guy) on the table and go nuts. You’ll usually hit 12+ cards even if the corp makes a serious effort to stop you. Joshua B. makes a bad leak worse and can give you that first tag in a pinch. Protect him with Fall Guys if you can, but it’s better to let him go if it means you can leak out more cards. Feint is in to enable Emergency Shutdown and connect Data Leak Reversal if you’re desperate. Vamp works best with either Magnum Opus or a lucky run of economy events, giving you a chance to chase down a rich corp.

Unless you can go for the full deck, don’t spend all your clicks on Data Leak Reversal. Draw, leak 4; virus counter on Crypsis, leak 4; Opus, leak 4; any of these are better turns as they build your position while the corp tries to recover.

Logos is the key. I’ll often let the corp go poor to score the first agenda, grab something useful and then put them into the ground. This is a lot harder against NBN, of course, but I have successfully leaked out entire FAstroBiotics decks.

Keep an Easy Mark in-hand to recover from Closed Accounts, unless you have Opus on the table. With Joshua B. out, you can go Easy Mark -> Credit -> Credit -> Sure Gamble -> Run from 0 credits.

Common targets for Logos are:

  • Opus
  • Account Siphon
  • The Source
  • Fall Guy

Usually you’ll want Opus First, so that you’re economically set for the rest of the game. Then pull The Source to stop the corp winning, if you haven’t got one already.

Click to draw early and often. It’s fine, really. Logos for the Quality Time if you’re desperate. I’ve since replaced the 2x Plascrete Carapace with 2x Forged Activation Orders. Testing has shown that I can keep most corps poor enough that double-scorch isn’t an option, but you can dodge single Scorch with a full grip.

Some other things I’ve been considering:

  • I’m considering replacing the QT for a Mimic given that I’ve never played the QT. Then I could swap out the Ninja for a second Femme or some more money.
  • The deck can sometimes run a little poor until it gets Opus, because it really wants to get that Logos down early. I’m not sure what else to put in for money, though. I used to use Daily Casts but I found that sometimes I’d have to take tags early and then they became unplayable. Kati’s out for the same reason. Armitage, perhaps?
  • I really don’t like seeing Easy Mark once I have Opus out, and I’ve never had trouble getting Opus out. Maybe I should swap them for Express Deliveries? But that just makes the money problem worse…

What are other people’s takes on DLR decks?