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Down The White Nile Community Review and Meta Predictions (Corp)


Even Infiltration could be good


If the NGO Front server is naked, does it end the run before you can use Bank Job? I don’t think most people will use it that way, but isn’t that the reason that running Dirty Laundry against a naked Jackson Howard server took away your successful run?

I am excited to explore Jinja in HB:AoT. So far I’ve only had time to play one game, but I put VLC, Ultraviolet, and Jinja in my deck and had triple-iced all Servers by turn 3. I would say that’s pretty awesome.




If Corp is only going to install NGO front in a naked remote cause bank job is out…then it’s done its job.

Political operative may also get good, “again.”


You may already know, but I’ll still clarify for other people that don’t. The runner won’t have a window to use PolOp if NGO Front is unrezzed. The Corp can both rez and trash it in their paid ability window (most likely 5.3 when the runner commits to access) before passing it back to the runner.


I did not know this! So thanks for pointing it out. I always conceived active player priority as being able to intervene after each action of the non-active player rather than passing priority after concluding actions. Thx for (tactfully) correcting me.


@tvaduva responded for what is (by a wide margin) the most common case that will come up.

Sometimes games get weird when interdiction is flying around. If for some reason the corp has a rezzed NGO on the board, then the runner can run HQ, then install PolOp and trash it in the next paid abilities window (before the corp has an opportunity to pop it).

…I mainly bring this up because I’m bringing a dumb Builder of Nations deck to an event tonight and judging by how rickety the overall game plan is, there is a pretty good chance that at some point I’ll have a face-up NGO on the table with some counters on it.


I am also liking NGO in BoN, Install, Advance, Mass Comm feels pretty good.

Feels better when the runner assumes that was an econ turn when the installed card was an Atlas!


Jesus, I’m building a BoN and forgot about that interaction.

Honestly I think this will bring Interdiction into the meta more strongly, and allow Drive-By to be a thing again.


i think it will also allow 419 to be a thing (i think he’s a p strong ability anyway though)

but like the corp pays 1 to prevent the expose. sure, they’re down 1 credit, but you kind of have to check it or find some way to expose it otherwise. both cards still come out looking strong here imo


i think if the corp is going to rez NGO, they’d probably just use it right away. is there any reason to rez it and just have it sit there instead of get your money right away?


Off-shore money against Tapwyrm. I did this a couple of times now, but I usually just rez if I suspect my opponent is on Interdiction.


With all the Jinja shenanigans and NGO, criminal expose decks are really good. Without a Trace coupled with Zamba/GPI Net Taps and Turtle devastates Jinja mega servers. Doesn’t even matter if it’s an NGO in there.

The Zamba crims are also okay against Jinteki glacier, but very weak against CTM and any kind of asset spam.