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Down The White Nile Community Review and Meta Predictions (Corp)

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/down-the-white-nile-community-review-and-meta-predictions-corp/

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Economic Warfare is antecedent for restricted Temujins.

I definitely agree with the sentiments around Distract the Masses. People talk about not wanting to put agendas in archives for Pre-emptive, but with a lower volume of recursion and giving the runner credits I don’t think HQ trashing makes the trade-off.

love the tag on this article: “if you want a vision of the future imagine an NGO behind three ice… forever”


I made this deck using some of the new corp cards (economic warfare, threat assessment, SSL) but it got no notice. I might have liked to try NGO front in there but it’s a bit ice light and probably doesn’t want to click for credits, so I thought hedge would be better. Threat assessment makes the cut instead of being a card #50 because it synergises with what the deck is trying to do.

But yeah, if Thomas Haas was considered to be a bit underpowered but close to a fair card, then making a card that’s 4-5 credits better than it at doing its usual job, can do an additional job (being an econ card), and never worse than it (except if you’re holding 3x dedication ceremony), and is neutral… seems a bit strange / overpowered. This is what happens when people say “we want to power up an underplayed archetype”. In MtG, blue was not a popular color in standard right before Jace the Mind Sculptor was printed

If you want a purge of agendas in HQ for weyland, you should already be running stinson + economic warfare, if the runner made a run and got to 4+ credits (or thereabouts), playing Distract the Masses then Economic warfare is a fairly okay ‘combo’ to purge out agendas. The downside is that as weyland, you usually want agendas to rush out (barring gagarin). Its not a situation to come up a lot I think, but it is something to consider.

I’ll go against the grain on a few of these. I’m not an NGO believer yet. Or at least not a hype man for it. To me, it’s a one-shot Melange that makes up for trashing itself by being a bluff. I’d also compare it to a Hostile Takeover that doesn’t give you a point (or a BP). In either case, it seems to be balanced well. I think the strongest play is popping it mid-run just to rez some big nasty ice the runner didn’t expect.

I also don’t think Distract the Masses is that terrible. Giving the runner money isn’t great, so you don’t want to play this willy-nilly. But 2$ is also not very much money. Anti-flood cards are important in anything that’s not a rush deck, and so far Preemptive Action is the only other anti-flood card that Weyland and HB can use influence-free (Genotyping and Special Report being the other factions’ options). This can also be recursion in exchange for cards you don’t want anymore (Punitive/Hunter Seeker comes to mind). So yeah, I’m not itching to put it in my deck, but I think it’s an option for Purple and Green, and it will definitely see play in limited formats like Cache Refresh or CoreTara/Modern.

I also want to say that I’m a fan of any cards that make glacier or “traditional” Netrunner more viable, and this pack has 3 great options for those strategies: NGOF, SSLE, and Jinja.


Reading through these again, there is one place that Distract the Masses makes sense: IG. I’d noted that it puts two cards into R&D in exchange for one coming out of R&D (itself). IG likes that ability, and also likes trashing new things from HQ. I still don’t think it’s good, but there’s at least one playable case.

I’m warming up to NGO, though. It does look seriously very good.

Jinja isn’t bad out of Stronger Together, actually, since that deck doesn’t care too much about you knowing which ICE is where (Hint: It’s a Bioroid.) so getting discounts on installing might be worth it. There’s so many side-effects of Jinja… Installing ICE upon draw means you have more clicks available for installing/advancing agendas… I’m ready for this to be good.


Is the second weyland ambush good with casting call if you can win the trace, or is that just a more complicated HHN?

I don’t see why it would be bad with casting call, but effectively it is a more complicated HHN, since it takes 3 cards. The upside is that it happens during the runner’s turn, which means that at least one of the tags is almost certain to stick. Another downside, though, is that they probably just won’t run that server, being too worried about taking tags. Although this means you get to score an agenda, so… secret upside?

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You’ve convinced me…better than I thought. Maybe I can evaluate ICE based on what the subs do when they actually fire.

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Pulled this off last night playing Weston’s Palana glacier. When what you want to do is IAA as many times as you can, NGO Front is gold.


Cards that have a strong paid ability that is also clickless tend to be really strong.

Hey, is bank job a sufficient counter to NGO front?

Can’t wait to see Jinja + NGO Front + Econ warfare in CI…seems pretty ragequit-inducing.


Someone was already ahead of ya. Looks pretty terrifying to me

I don’t know if it counters it, but it at least helps recoup losses sustained in runner through the server in question. It is nice, though, that after the corp uses NGO, you still have the opportunity to decide to Bank Jon instead of access. I’d say as far as counters go, Councilman at least denies them the money they’d get once you run in there. Drive-By is starting to look better and better as well.

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Wait, these anti Caprice cards have a new role in hosing an economy card? ANR is weird


Ngo isnt really an economy card. Or rather the economy is like only 30% the point of ngo front.