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Down The White Nile Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)


Sunny is better than Adam and RNG may improve Sunny.


Adam got a huge shot in the arm here though. That tutor is real.


One thing I’ve been seeing in playing RNG Key in a non-combo way since this review was published, Corps can’t put most upgrades in the root of HQ or R&D (I’m looking at you Stinson).

EDIT: This doesn’t work. You can’t reveal install cards, so the choice of RNG Key can’t be resolved.


Yeah that’s definitely a play pattern now. Upgrades on centrals are noticeably worse. I farmed an MVT for 6 credits (granted, I had to trash it eventually) in one game & then got a couple more triggers off guesses.


That is a totally awesome use case I hadn’t thought of! My only central upgrade in my current Corp is Crisium Grid, which cannot be farmed this way.


Right, as long as you rez it, which you probably do if they have RNG Key out.


I think I like Wari better than you guys.
Whther it should be autoinclude in Silhouette or not is something I did not study (timings?), but it’s fuel for Dan and at the very least an expose, which is more than nothing.


New rules discussion has brought up that RNG Key can’t resolve choosing an installed card (I’ve edited my initial post):